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Few Tricks and a Good Treat!

on October 31, 2010

I was feelin kinda anti social last night, but I decided to get up and get dressed anyways and at least head to bingo…

Then I decided well if I’m gonna do it, i might as well go all out.. so I got out the black hair spray.. which if you didnt know is more like a mix of aqua net and spray paint x 1000. That stuff gets everywhere! And the second you touch it it’s all over your skin.. so after getting that done I had to wash the rest of me off lol…

Bingo was pretty empty, I stayed for a drink and a game.. and then got a hold of my friend Courtney and headed up north to the party she was at… It was a small ish house party but still lots of cool people there, surprisingly I didnt have more than 1 shot up there, I just didnt wanna risk the long drive home on Halloween.

Apparently I should snooki-fi my makeup more often because I got a lot of attn from it lol… who knew?! anyways here’s a couple pics of me and Court.. she has a few on her camera too i’ll have to snag when she posts them on FB. Wish the guy takin the picture woulda gotten my shoes in the shot!

Me and Courtney

Snookie and the Vamp

My fake lashes weren’t too cooperative they werent the brand i’d normally buy, I prefer the ones with the glue, however messy it can be, it still lasts longer…

On my way home I’d been talking to Springs dude because I knew he was up here hanging with Josh and friends.. and he invited me over to PJ’s house (where he was staying) so I obliged, it wasn’t too far out of my way anyways… and I haven’t seen him in about 3 weeks, and that was the last time i’d gotten any too!

Hung out with him and PJ for a lil bit then PJ took off to some girls house, we stayed up till about 4 something.. I ended up falling asleep on the couch while he was watching ESPN…

He’s quite a talker “during” the act though.. and I’m just one of those uh huh yup sure ya whatever responders cuz well it’s not a conversational time… and he got to the point where he got me to ‘admit’ that I actually like him (reminds me of marc all over again) and that i think about him and wanna hang out with him… I do.. but i’m not tryin to take it there with him.. At one point he said “so should we just go ahead and make this official?” and I just stopped and was like uhhhhhhhhhh WHAT….. which he followed up by, oh never mind cuz if it’s official you’ll never wanna have sex then……. ROFL what the hell?! heysooos!

I got up around 930 and came home this morning got a coffee and a newspaper, and then spilled half the coffee on my leg in the car while turning a corner.. that was awesome.

First thing I did was take a shower to get my hair back to feeling normal… Made sure to use a deep conditioner just in case…. I havent looked at my hair yet but hoping all the black came out… and now I have to clean my shower and tub because there’s lots of black residue everywhere and the bathroom counter.

So many people’s fb posts are all hangover complaints. I’m glad I didnt over do it last night because I got a lot to do today, cleaning and what not. The Bronco’s are playing in London today against the 49ers.. I gotta figure out what time that starts… oh that’s right now… haha good thing I checked!

Ah here’s a few pics I took while gettin ready…

In progress

Can kinda see the shoes...


7 responses to “Few Tricks and a Good Treat!

  1. crankypants says:

    haah, you look great. somehow though, I don’t think you could ever look that trashy to really compare to Snooki!
    that hairspray sounds nasty! Of course, I dye my hair black every few months so…that’s nasty too.

  2. Kzinti says:

    Looks like a lot of empty beer bottles behind you there. LOL Glad you had a good time. You should carry that black spray in your purse to use instead of mace. It sounds like it would be far worse to be sprayed with that stuff. LOL

  3. Redscylla says:

    Men are so weird. So, uh, what kinda stuff does he say during the act?

    • you know the norm..
      oh you like that huh..
      you like my … in your ….

      then he threw in a “you like kissing me huh”
      me: uh huh sure yeah .
      him “so why dont you do it more then”
      me: uh huh ok yah..

      then he’s like what do u like tell me what u want.. im like SHUSH THIS IS GOOD IF IT WASN’T I’D SAY SO!! trust me you’re doin a good job..

      i tune most of it out really LOL…

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