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lovin it!

on November 4, 2010

Man, I LOVE twitter! I’ve gotten responses from wil wheaton, a member of maroon5, and now sara gilbert. Still waiting on Donnie Wahlberg though, I have faith it’ll happen soon enough!!!!!

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One response to “lovin it!

  1. Kzinti says:

    I had one for a day, twitter account that is. With unlimited texting and a brain full of ping pong balls moving at the speed of light, I burned out the twitter server. Not really, but I could sooo see that happening. Klaxons going off, one of those robot screaming about, “Danger! Danger!”, smoke machines triggered, light saber battles and finally… Um, did it again, didn’t I… Never mind… Say hi to Wil Wheaton, emphasis on the ‘wh’ sound, just like Stewie Griffin does…

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