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Sangria is Good

on November 4, 2010


I signed up for a special Menu Preview party at TGIFridays tonight to try out some new items they have.. Josh ended up going with me since he didnt have class…

We ate SO much food.
lets see if i can remember it all..

* Deviled eggs
* Onion Rings
* Hummace & Spinach Dip w/flat bread
* BBQ chicken pizza
* Buffalo chicken pizza
* Vegetable pizza
* Some kind of salad
* Sangria
* Margaritas
* Fruity lemonade (and our bartender added vodka)
* Berry shortcake sliders
* Some weird ahi tuna thing i did not try
* Turkey Reuben sandwich

I think that’s about it, but we ate so much I’m not sure, and I had a LOT of sangria.. so again… not sure lol.. but i know i’m full and slightly buzzed.. and now imma watch tv and fall asleep soon!

Oh yeah!! I got my Kurt Halsey Mini Book today!! I love it so much!! Here’s the post -it I got..

Our Moments Become Monuments


2 responses to “Sangria is Good

  1. Kzinti says:

    Deviled eggs, onion rings and a reuben sandwich? You better sleep with the window open dear… LOL

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