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Why yes, I do have a big mouth

on November 5, 2010

And I’m not even talking in the dirty sense right now…

Today at work was another 2 week meeting that myself, the sup, and mngr all have..

It started off okay… up until at 8:35 this am, i had ZERO complaints in the last 2 weeks.. thats a FIRST for me in a long time… that is until 8:35 am when I had a bitchy ass customer who ruined all that for me and with her death de la resistance of all my questions, she made it out to seem that *I* was in the wrong because SHE could not answer any of my questions regarding HER vehicle…  such is my life.

I held back for a bit, until buttons kept getting pushed by my mngr saying the same thing over and over, of course not seeing MY point of view and what I WAS SAYING happened. Automatically jumping to I was in the wrong and of COURSE the customer couldnt have been exaggerating what she was saying and quite possibly could have been WRONG for being unprepared and completely incompetent of what was going on with her own VEHICLE PURCHASE.

But i did get a “thumbs up” because only 1 complaint is a slight improvement. Also my “tone” has changed because apparently I’m not as loud in my interactions.. Ok so i’ve turned my volume down when talkin to people.. some people listen better when you SPEAK.LOUDER.AND.SLOOWWWWEEERRRRR. whatevs.

I tried to explain to them that the type or person I am, and the background that I have, I’m direct and to the point. There is a system and and order in my brain of the way processes go. For example, I first ask for a title, then insurance, then emissions and an ID. With those items I can proceed with the transaction. That’s whats required thats how I was taught and I dont see any issue with this. But now i’m being told I have to coddle them and hold their hands and be emotional and sensitive about things..

My manager said in response to my tech. support (w/computers/internet) training, that she thought ppl were more attached to their Vehicles than they would be a computer… um… obv. you’ve never heard an angry business owner who’s internet is currently down and they cannot accept any credit cards… kinda like how ours goes down all the time eh? Or a teleworkers who’s “in an outage” and has no time frame of when they’ll be up and running again and they had something due 2 HOURS AGO that they can’t submit. I’m way more “emotionally attached” to my computer than I am my car… cuz I can always ride the bus… if my computers kaput well I’m pretty much screwed and i’ve lots tons of data, pictures, music, memories and information.

Then after a few other comments I finally exploded. Mind you, I resisted saying this already twice before in this same conversation, I thought about it, and said no.. not now… then my buttons kept getting pushed… and I said no.. not now.. cant say it.. too much… and then one last hammer broke my button and I let out “THIS JOB SUCKS THE SOUL OUT OF ANYONE WORKING IT!!!!!” Ask ANYONE at ANY motor vehicle office ANYWHERE in the world, they WILL tell you that. It’s NOT just me who thinks so (knows so). To which she replied, well I want you to be happy here and it doesnt sound like thats the case if you’re not happy then i’m not happy and i dont feel like i’d be doing my job then. She should really be miserable if she should be mirroring my feelings… but shes not. She LOVES her job.

I then said… it’s not that i hate my job, Its that I feel like i’m not being challenged at my job. I have nothing to reach for, no goals. Put a carrot out there for me to attain and maybe some changes will happen… but i have nothing to look forward to its the same groundhog day over and over here. There are no open positions to move up in because no ones going anywhere, and the goal of “being nice to everyone” just isn’t sufficient for me. I can be nice all day long, but that’s not going to make it feel like I’ve succeeded at life.

Her response was.. well maybe this doesn’t fit your needs well… to which i said… Well why do you think I apply, test, and interview at other jobs? ………… helllllllllllooooooooooooooo.

The best analogy i can come up with is a dog, when a dog is full of pent up energy and the owner does nothing to release that, walks, play time, attention, the dog acts out being destructive, or annoying etc etc.. same thing with me, when I’m bored.. and feeling unchallenged.. i get unmotivated.

And that’s how my Friday went… Oh I did get to see my customer Crush.. that was nice… and another customer recognized the art at my desk as Kurt Halsey and we had a lil bonding moment those were the positive highlights of my day… do they out weigh the rest of it? Well.. I’m trying to determine that now… The DQ Chocolate Covered Strawberry w/brownies blizzard is helping that decision along…


13 responses to “Why yes, I do have a big mouth

  1. It seems like more and more people need their hands held for EVERYTHING. I’m not really too sure about what you do, but the information you ask them for seems pretty straightforward. If they don’t know the information off the top of their heads, they do make these wonderful things called documents they can find the numbers on, right? It doesn’t seem to me like a lot of unneccesary chit-chat is even warrented in this situation!

    • yeah its pretty “common sense” stuff, easily available information online, on the phones, or by asking i dunno.. OTHER people who own cars..

      i work at the dmv, at the counter, i issue titles, and plates and yearly registrations, and answer the most asinine

      the only thing people CANT get online.. is the prices for their brand new car’s registrations..

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    So, you still have a job? Just wondering since you were honest and told them what lots of people would like to but don’t, for fear of losing their job. That is hilarious about her feeling that she is not doing her job if you are not happy. Uggg. I would HATE to have to coddle people.

    All that said, I am probably the laughing stock at the “Triple A car emergency service” place. Here is how our call goes:
    AAA: Hello, may I have your customer number please
    Me: yes, blah blah, blah
    AAA: What seems to be the problem?
    Me: Car won’t start (or whatever the problem is)
    AAA: What is the make and model of your vehicle.
    Me: Green van
    AAA: (suppressing shocked laughter) Er…..I mean, what KIND of vehicle to you own.
    Me: Let me get out and look on the outside…….oh……it says, “Ford*.” !!
    AAA: (trying to sound patient) What year is your model?
    Me: ?? Um….hm…..will it tell me that in the manual? (as I begin looking at the manual)
    AAA: (shaking his head in utter disbelief) We will be there to help you in under 2 hours.

    *I made up “Ford.” I still don’t know what kind of van I have. Oh well, some people are car people, but I am not one of them 😀

    • Kzinti says:

      While this isn’t funny, it made me laugh tremendously.

    • Yes, I still have a…

      A similar thing happened a few years ago when I quit at TGIfridays, I told the shift supervisor she didn’t know how to do her job, and she said I sounded like I didn’t wanna be there…. I said she could take the job and shove it u know where… And to Consider that my 2 weeks notice…. Lol…
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      • Kzinti says:

        I had a boss write me up for something they could not prove and was totally bullshit and then tell me that I should sign it because it would not affect my employment there. I handed it back over to him and told him, “No, it already has affected my employment here”.

        It then became my goal in life to stick everything in his ass and break it off at every opportunity. He went through some really bad things in the next few months until I actually quit. Then he got sent off to some remote location in Canada to work for several years.

      • That’s awesome… I just want someone there to understand how I feel n what I deal with everyday. They say they do, but that’s just words, they don’t mean it really.

      • Kzinti says:

        Yeah, they say the understand, but really have no clue whatsoever. those are the kind of people I just want to slap up side the head to try to get some electrical waves flowing through that unused mass of gray goo between their ears.

  3. Kzinti says:

    Can I just say that you are 100% correct? Sorry, but you do have one of the suckiest jobs in the history of jobs. Even the Indian Sewer Unclogger guy, who has to scuba dive into putrid, crap infested water without a wetsuit, holding onto a stick so he doesn’t get sucked down the sewer line when the clog breaks has a job better than yours. Wow…

    So, honestly, if you could be doing anything else, anything at all, what would that something be? What does your dream job look like?

    • Well, I went to Vet Tech school… However didn’t finish… I’d like to do that.. Then maybe work at the zoo or w/wildlife..

      Anything where human interaction is the least important function of my job other than fellow employees….

      I’ve worked in a vet clinic before while in school, it wasn’t bad, but I do get emotional whenever an animal has to be put down for any reason..

      I really don’t know anymore what I really want to do, just NOT this..

      • Kzinti says:

        Not that I’m trying to be a career counselor or anything, but what about working at the local zoo? Any possibility of position there? If you’ve worked vet tech before, should not be too big a stretch and might lead more easily into a related field of study that would sincerely be something you loved.

      • Its rare they have openings, when they do there’s usually degree requirements, which I lack.
        Other than that its unpaid internships and well, I’m not that well off to work for free lol…

      • Kzinti says:

        Ugh. requirements. I worked at a facility that needed an assistant electrical engineer. I applied for it and the guy who interviewed me was the dickhead electrical engineer with whom I butted heads with on many occasions. When the interview was almost complete and I’d laid all my considerable experience on the table, his final question was the one about having a degree.

        I sat there for not even a fraction of a second and replied, “If I had a degree, do you think I’d be working here?”. Yes, that’s right. I did say it. He mumbled something about the fact that they wanted someone with a degree, but thanks, blah blah blah. That would have been the end of it, except for one thing.

        The guy they did hire didn’t have a degree, but lots of experience. He and I had nothing more to say to each other after that. Ever. When they required me to work on something outside the range of the other electricians, I explained how he would have to take me to HR and write me up and oh, that all the other electricians would have to be written up as well, because they don’t know it. If not, he could expect to hear from my attorney. Pulled no punches with those fuckers…

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