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Did you hear about this guy?

on November 9, 2010

Lost 27lbs on the ‘junk food diet’.

Well hell, I eat some of those foods, aint doin shit for me!

The whole thing is though he cut his caloric intake drastically that’s really the kicker there.. I just don’t have the patience to count calories… i also didnt have the patience to use my check book register but i’ve adjusted to that now.. so who knows maybe some day i’ll watch what i’m eating!


2 responses to “Did you hear about this guy?

  1. trishc1812 says:

    I read this article, too. Aside from a protein shake every morning every thing else he ate was junk….pure sugar. Oh, maybe he ate a veggie or fuit a day, also. But, yeah, his point was to see if a junk food diet would impact his attempt to lose weight. He reduced his caloric intake and ate pretty much whatever he wanted. I’m sure I’d be craving some fruit or some meat really early into this ‘diet’.

    I would not recommend this diet to anyone, especially any person that has diabetes in their family medical history. :^)

  2. Kzinti says:

    Besides not getting adequate vitamins and minerals, because we all know that soda has lots of those, right? For me, it’s been portion size first, then more whole foods and little to no junk foods. Working slowly, but then again, I didn’t put this on in a week either.

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