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Target-Black Friday

on November 9, 2010



8 responses to “Target-Black Friday

  1. Kzinti says:

    Step away from the sale… LOL

    • nooooooooooooo!!!
      i know i already want the wireless blueray player…

      and some wii games….
      and some dvd’s… but theyre regular so that would defeat the blue ray player… so i might opt for the 19.99 regular dvd player since my other one died….
      and i could get more dvd’s in stead of the $99 blue ray player… too many decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kzinti says:

        Um, just curious. Wants versus needs? What is something that you really need and meet that halfway. That way you take care of needs without blowing the budget on wants, which as we all know is entirely too easy.

      • Well.. It’ll be moms budget.. So want usually equals gets…

        Last year I went home for thanksgiving n we went black friday shopping.. I got a flat screen tv, wii, games, controllers and stand, new pots n pans, tupper wear, crock pot, blender, clothes, shoes, laptop bag, purse, jewelry, bath n body works stuff, …. There may have been more

        … This year she’ll be getting off easier since I’m staying here lol….

      • Kzinti says:

        I’m coming to your mom’s house for Thanksgiving. LOL

      • Lol… Did I mention I’m an only Child…..good luck w/that haha

      • Kzinti says:

        I could be a long lost cousin or something.

  2. leendadll says:

    I’m already calculating which of my Targets is likely to have the smallest crowd at 4am. I want one of those TVs. I hope to be over it before Black Friday arrives.

    Macy’s is having an amazing sale too… lots of linens, cookware, and JEWELRY. I don’t even wear jewelry and I’m having a spaz to buy some of the stuff.

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