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It’s Saturday…

on November 13, 2010

I didnt turn my computer on ONCE yesterday. Very weird. I did use my phone all day but its not quite the same.

Work was hella busy all day long, didnt leave till almost 5:30, but yay for OT i’ll need it on the next check.

I finally went to the gym last night! Walked 30 mins on the treadmill.. i can only do it so long before I get bored… then I did the sit down stationary bike thingymajigger and I did nearly 6 miles!!! Don’t think I’ve ever done that! Men In Black was playin on the TV in front of me so I just focused on that, and the music in my headphones.

I’m tryin to do all this to get cruise ready but its also for myself. In the last 2 weeks i’ve gained like 8lbs somehow. Maybe its because of my period, I dunno, but its quite annoying. I havent been this heavy since i was 15 right before I had my gall bladder removed. After that I lost a LOT of weight because I was told NOT to eat anything greasy and the like. I should really still head that information because if you’ve ever had your gallbladder removed you know the repercussions of eating greasy foods…  I also noticed some stretch marks on my stomach that I’m not happy about. So I slathered on some Avon Anti Cellulite/Stretchmark lotion, gotta keep up with that… and going to the gym.

I gave in and bought a new automatic litter box last night because I just couldnt handle it anymore! Dawgfude is so picky she doesnt like to use the litterbox if there’s ANYTHING in it and I’m not always on top of it… hopefully this one doesnt die any time soon.. but its the first one i’ve bought BRAND NEW so hopefully it’ll last. Its only meant for 1 cat, but the other ones were so much more expensive.

Its nice outside right now, but theyre saying its going to snow this afternoon so if theres anything i need to do that involves going outside i should do it now… like taking out the garbage…

I got a calendar in the mail yesterday from the Denver Zoo. Full of great pictures of the animals, membership does have its perks! If it’s nice next week during my suspension I think I’ll go down there at least one of the days.

Gotta get all my bills in order today and mail things out and balance my check book..
The other night I unpacked a box full of picture and frames and hung some up… I put two big rubbermaid boxes in the closet because I knew they didnt need to be unpacked, ones full of Nintendo & Super Nintendo stuff and the other is mostly pictures and random things.. So now I only have 2 boxes left to go through! Finally! Either this weekend of next week they WILL be done I swear.

I’m starving, gonna go grub on some egg salad I made last night…


2 responses to “It’s Saturday…

  1. Kzinti says:

    Almost all unpacked? Phew. I’ve still got things packed from 14 years ago and more stuff that will need to get packed again in another several months. Ugh…

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Overtime seems all worthwhile when the pay check comes 🙂

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