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My Humiliation, Let me show you it.

on November 13, 2010

Part 1:

So yesterday at work, my customer crush came in, I thought I’d seen him but I wasnt sure since there were so many people crammed in the office.. so Kelly the lady next to me calls his number and I really didnt even notice he was there at first cuz I was busy with my customers but he was all “HI Sara” I was like Oh heeeey how’s it goin… and then ….

Kelly (to me): Hey Sara u wanna switch customers?
Me: Huh?? Why? Oh cuz you hate doing dealer stuff?
Kelly: Oh no I actually don’t mind it.. I just thought maybe you’d want to make GOOGLY EYES at Sean.

This is where I needed a Twix Moment:

Me: laughing uhhh huhhh….ummm… well it’s just that you know, Sean’s one of the few customers that comes in here that actually Bathes.. so I dont mind waiting on him… ::shifty eyes:: aaaand back to my customer..
Kelly: Sara, this isnt working blah blah blah
Me: Take the 9 out that’ll work
Kelly: it’s still not doing it..
Me: ::walks over:: No No, you gotta use this type of plate, then take out the 9,  etc etc etc.. ok there you go all better… :: walks back to desk::
and then i sit there in complete humiliation and disbelief that just happened.. and ive got this perma grin on my face cuz i’m sure i’m beet red… at one point I looked up at him and he was lookin down at the desk at ppwk and had a smile on his face.. who knows why…

Once he left, and I was SURE he was out of the building I said “Kelly, you do know that i’m going to kill you right?” She was like what?! Someone had to say it. No actually they didnt I was perfectly happy with my imagination and him never knowing i crush on him..

Everyone else at work thought it was effin hilarious.. and happy that it finally happened… me, not so much LoL

Part 2:

Today I was checking facebook and noticed that Springs seemed a lil upset w/his posts.. like maybe that girl from westminster blew him off or something that was my assumption. I text jess the following: Springs seems a lil butthurt bout something… Westminster girl maybe? Grumpy posts on FB and he texted me at 2 am but I was asleep.

I never got a response from her though.. weird.. while I was at the bank I texted springs, hey whats up? no response…

On my way home I was going through messages and realized O M G I actually sent that FIRST message TO SPRINGS… THE ONE ABOUT HIM…. NOT to Jess. SHITBALLS!!!!!! So then I followed up with an OMG I’M SOOOOOO Sorry I sent that text to you, when it was supposed to be to my girl… I’m an idiot, my bad.. no more texting while half asleep anymore.

He hasn’t responded to any of the texts yet… Dunno if he’s pissed or embarrassed or annoyed that I’m a retard or that I talk to my friends about him, I dunno. Either way, I feel like a jackass. I know it wasnt like a BAD text not like I was saying i met someone else more awesome than him or whatever…

My horoscope said nothing about making an ass out of myself or being utterly humiliated and embarrassed this week!! What the hell!! This kinda stuff never happens to me.. So NOT cool.

So, Springs texted me back, and we didn’t talk about it at all. Just normal convo and what not. Then said he was gonna be up here tonight if I wanted to hang out… So after bingo I should be seeing him….

The house got an impromptu cleaning LOL kitchen, bathroom, and vacuumed hahaha.

I know guys don’t care about clean houses but girls do..

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross was dating that model chick and when he went to her apt it was a complete pig sty and he ended up killing her hampster? That always stuck with me.. So I try to clean before booty comes over Hahahaha.


8 responses to “My Humiliation, Let me show you it.

  1. crankypants says:

    I really, really hate when people do crap like the first one, that’s pretty obnoxious, I think. There was a guy I liked a long time ago (and had hooked up w/ a couple times) and he had moved out of town (to your state, actually) but came back every so often. So my friend/roommate/compulsive liar was working at a pizza place where the guy’s friend worked, and the guy walked in one day to talk to his friend who was working, so after he left my stupid friend calls me on the phone from work, and I know she had to have been all, OMG I have to call her, wait till you hear her reaction!! kind of thing, so she calls me and is all breathless like GUESS WHO was just in here?!!! and I said, who. (like I was not that interested) and she said his name and I guess she was waiting for me to shriek like a schoolgirl (which is not exactly my style) and I just said, Oh, really. I can only imagine what she said to the people at the pizza place about me being in love with that guy, and I’m sure the friend guy heard. I was embarrassed in absentia, I guess, but that girl I think was the kind of person who would try to make me look like a jackass because she always made herself look like a jackass.
    The End.

  2. Kzinti says:

    You could just ask him out for a drink. Worst thing that could happen is you get drunk and wake up somewhere in Mexico, in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney. It can only get better from there…

    • Yeah…I’m not the pursueR I’m the pursueE… I don’t like rejection, just easier that way LOL

      • Kzinti says:

        Don’t consider it rejection. Guys are simple, really. Problem is that in today’s society, good guys have trouble asking women out because they are raised more sensitive and therefore afraid of rejection also. If you like this guy, just ask for a play date of sorts. Something innocent enough, public, some walking and mingling kind of thing and see how it goes.

        It’s obvious from the way he took the conversation that he would be open to an invite… it’s not against the work rules to pass him a note with your number or downright just ask him, is it? I should totally break in to a rant about how youth is wasted on the young. LOLOL

  3. Oh, if only the floor had opened up and swallowed you at that moment, right? I’m sure your co-worker thought she was being funny, or perhaps thought she was doing you a “favor”. Either way, she was way out of line!

    Your middle school comment made me think of my own embarrassing moment. It’s not as bad now, since it happened when I was a kid, but for the time it was completely mortifying. I was madly in love with a boy, probably my first real crush. I made the mistake of telling a girl in my class that I thought he was cute. So, there we are, in the middle of science class. Our desks were at the front of the room, and he was at the back. She turns around and yells, “Hey Andy, guess who has the hots for you?” in front of everyone. Of course everyone starts laughing at me! I spent the next three years going out of my way to ignore him. From that moment, I absolutely hated that girl!

  4. Freedom Smith says:

    I am so sorry, CareaBearaSara!!! No one should be embarrassed like that and that is ridiculous that she did that to you. I cannot imagine why she would, as she had to know that you would be mortified and that he would then know. Sounds rather unkind to me. I hate stuff like that!!!

    Ugggg…. on the texting mistake. I am so sorry and I am glad that you heard from him. Best to go on and ignore it. I suppose he might have been flattered that you cared!! I once sent an email to my father meant for my son, about my father. Oh, wow, was I ever embarrassed. It was not a catastrophe but these things happen and there is no undoing them, is there.

    Hang in there. Things shall surely look up from here, right?

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