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Sunday WrapUp

on November 14, 2010

Broncos won today! Finally!  49-29 against our rivals the Chiefs! Even better. The KC Coach did not shake our Coach’s hand after the game, but gave him a stern talking to… uhh how sportsman like?

During the game I took a lot of buttons off my keyboard and cleaned out underneath it. So gross. Lots of cat hair and crapola. I highly suggest cleaning out your keyboard. Now they keys work how they should and I have to readjust my typing…

Took the roll of film I found to walgreens to get developed turns out it was some pics from my trip to New Orleans about 6 years ago… nothing really exciting though, one nice sunset shot i’ll probably scan in..

Haven’t talked to Ellie since she stole my burger. She keeps coming around but i ignore her.  She does need to go out soon though so I’ll have to do that.

Wanted to go to the gym again today, but that never happened.. I’m pretty tired, Springs didn’t show up until after 2 am, and we were up till at least 5 am. i think he left around 9 or 10 this morning and I slept till about 11… I texted him this afternoon and said thanks for coming by, i had fun.. and he said thanks for inviting him, that he really enjoys hanging out with me, and I said I did as well… Then he hoped he didnt bore me.. which he doesnt whatsoever. I just enjoy chillin with him, no pressure or anything.. thats nice.

So I gotta go back to work tomorrow, then i’m off tues weds thurs so that’ll be nice for me. Supposed to try and see Tangled again tomorrow night, that is if Tanyas not dying and can go get in line early.



One response to “Sunday WrapUp

  1. Kzinti says:

    Keyboards. Pffft. If I could find my IBM one, I’d take a hammer to this one.

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