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Long Monday

on November 15, 2010

Phew Monday is over! Wasn’t too bad actually… work kinda flew by, that was nice..

Finally got in to see Tangled in 3D tonight with Tanya, it was a very cute movie, I highly suggest it. Was the first time I’d seen anything in 3D in the theater, not quite sure how I felt about it though… kinda made my head hurt.

On my way home I stopped by the gym,  was disappointed that the location I went to didnt have the split treadmill I was looking for. They used to… oh well.. I only did 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 mile on the bike… My stomach started hurting, I think it was the movie theater popcorn.. no bueno. Imma get some ginger ale in a few here..

I plan on sleeping in the next 3 days as long as Ellie cooperates. All alarms are going off.. and phone will be going on silent.. NKOTB and the like tend to tweet out early..around 7am.. i do not want to be disturbed!!!!

Thinking I will go to the gym tues/weds/thurs since i’m free… and take fri/sat off… really trying to make a dent . . .Gotta check the weather too see if a trip to the zoo is possible..

Just got off the phone with the power company, got a letter today saying i missed a payment and my payment agreement was now broken.. but that wasn’t possible since my payments not due till the 22nd of this month.. hmph!! But the guy was totally helpful, and fixed it saying it was an error on THEIR END.. wow.. that never happens!! So, now i’m all fixed and ready to be paid on the 22nd….

Jennifer Grey is doing soooooooo good on DWTS! i think in the end it’ll be btwn her and Brandy… I think she could win it all though she totally has it in her…

Ive got some laundry to catch up on the next few days, why is laundry never ending??


2 responses to “Long Monday

  1. Kzinti says:

    This is the chore that never ends… Yes it goes on and on my friends… Just like the never ending song, the laundry is always never ending because, well, because clothes like to be clean. rather, we like for them to be clean and like little kids who love to play in the mud, clothes like to attract as much dirt as possible. It, um, in their genetic makeup… yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Have a wonderful rest for three days with all alarms and phones off. How absolutely terrific. That is the way I wish life would always be!!

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