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Thirfty Tuesday

on November 16, 2010

After enjoying my sleeping in today..(ok i fell asleep on the couch last night, woke up at 7am, then went to bed) till 9:30 am, I moved back to the couch and started going through my coupons and the ad’s to figure out what I could afford for thanksgiving.. once I got all that in order, I headed to the store..

King Soopers (a Kroger Company)

  • Butterball Turkey-12lbs at .99 per lb =$12.42 -$4 coupon = $8.79
  • Stove top stuffing x2 @ $1.25 each = $2.50 -$1 coupon =$1.50
  • Betty crocker mashed tatoes x2 @$1.69 each =$3.38 -.50 ecoupon & -.50 paper coupon (doubled)  =$1.86
  • Heinz gravy on sale $1.25 (no coupon, the website was out of them)
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls x2 @$1.50 each = $3 -.50 ecoupon & -.40 paper coupon (doubled) =$1.70
  • Total for thanksgiving dinner =$15.10

I also have a rebate from butterball to send in my receipt and get $5 back in butterball coupons. Woohoo already printed out that form.

So I may not be as frugal as this guy getting his thanksgiving dinner for $1, but i think i did a great job.

I also bought a loaf of bread ($1) and a block of extra sharp cheddar cheese ($2.99) to hold me over till payday, hello grilled cheese sandwiches for the next week lol, and a bag of Tortilla Chips ($1) for the salsa I had at home, but those werent part of the thanksgiving tally…

My receipt states the following savings:

  • Manufacturers coupons: $6.90
  • Doubled coupons:  $.90
  • Store card savings: $14.53
  • For a total of $22.33, which is 53% off my shopping bill!

I still some green beans left in my cupboard, and if I decide to invite anyone over (which would require cleaning off the dining table) I can suggest they bring a pie or some sides or something… we’ll see what happens..


6 responses to “Thirfty Tuesday

  1. Kzinti says:

    Hanging head in shame. No real mashed potatoes? No homemade gravy? For shame. LOL. What are we going to do with you?

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