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Feels like Sunday Ramblings, but it’s Thursday.

on November 18, 2010

What have I done over my 3 day “vacation”

  • a lot of couch surfing
  • a lot of tv watching
  • attempts to sleep in… one day even till 10am!
  • afternoon/evening naps
  • a lot of internet surfing
  • baked brownies
  • did 2 loads of laundry
  • bought thanksgiving dinner
  • texting friends all day long
  • watched the snow come and go
  • applied to Macys again for part time/seasonal

So overall, not much. I’m okay with that. It’s better that getting yelled at, berated, and treated like shit for 3 days. It was quite relaxing. Now that I’m thinking of having to go back to work tomorrow I can already feel the life getting sucked out of me… but I just have to one day, and then it’s  the weekend!

Did i go to the gym like i wanted? sure didnt.. i’m kinda pissed at myself for that part.

Random thought, Is the WNBA still around?

I didnt make snickerdoodles like i wanted.. but i found a receipe for shortbread cookies.. didnt make those either..

I did however paint my toes, China Glaze HELI-YUM, a nice bright pink color.

After telling my friend Ron today about GVR getting married… he said that I’m like Good Luck Chuck. How everyone I date gets a serious relationship or married after being with me.

He started with Marc, then ATC, the Egyptian, NC, and now GVR. I’m sure there’s others but those were the first that came to mind, and he’s completely right. That seems to always happen to me! What’s up with that?!

All of a sudden, my computer’s saying i’m using an unknown power adapter, and will only run off the AC power, and will not charge, so it’s stuck at 75% plugged in, not charging. WTF. I’ve been using this new one for weeks and it’s been fine up until now. What gives? blah.

I went to the store to buy the 5lb bag of potatoes for .69 cents.. and ended up walking out with those, 3 steaks, 3 cans of tuna, and a carton of eggs. Major shopping fail on my part!! 69 cents turned in to 12 dollars. NO BUENO! So I’ll be eating steak for the next 2-3 meals, tuna salad, and egg salad.. and maybe make some cookies this weekend.

You know how i know i’ve been watching tv too long? I have it set to power off after 3 hours… and when I have to prevent that from happening more than once a day… i think there’s a problem loL.


One response to “Feels like Sunday Ramblings, but it’s Thursday.

  1. Kzinti says:

    Wow, sounds almost as slothful as my four days off. LOL I did sleep in until 10:00, but went to sleep at 4:00. LOL

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