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on November 20, 2010

Tie btwn weirdest and worst friday

*laptop running on 3% new (aftermarket) cord won’t charge anymore only works on AC power, (it finally realized it was not a Dell adapter) but tends to shut off at random times

*my vibrator died. Lol. Yes. Srsly. Tragic.

*my ex bff Chantelle started texting me out of no where. (Weird) And then she called me and we talked for an hour. We haven’t talked in about 8 months I’d say. At least.

*Grandma sent $20 w/thanksgiving card, if guy from craigslist responds bout replacement power cord, that’s where $ will go.

*remembered to pay power bill after work

*must remember to pay IRS tomorrow

*Blue Bloods was freaking awesome. So intense, was on the edge of my seat. Tom Selleck to the rescue!

*girl at work said she had a dream I had 2 kids, a boy-dominic, and a girl that I was breastfeeding, name unknown. — wtf?!

*hmmm that’s it, time for bed.

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3 responses to “Weirdness

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I am so sorry you had a bad Friday! Very odd for your ex BFF to randomly act like nothing happened and start texting and then to call?

    Uggg…hate problems with power cords. I had to get a new one for my laptop after just 10-11 months, and regardless of what my son says, I am not hard on them. Thankfully, it was covered under the warranty.

    Majorly awful that the vib died! All I can say is, some of the new fancy ones are awful and the old trusty kind seem to be the best, for what it is worth, lol. I just wish that the kind that plugged into the wall had been awesome because the battery eating type get expensive (batter wise). (I can imagine what the guys are thinking that are reading this!!!!).

    • As far as the BFF situation goes, its happened before where we had a falling out and didn’t talk for a couple months, but this has by far, been the longest. I was quite OK with it cuz she tends to be a lot of drama…but seems like she’s startin to get her stuff together..

      My cord and computer was fine till the pets knocked it off the coffee table…he actually didn’t have an adapter that worked, bummer..but I got a battery charger where u have to physically take the battery out and charge it separately.. Well see if this works for now… He also said the internal part of the jack may have issues at well /:

      As far as the vibe goes..well replacement will have to wait till funds are available lol

    • Kzinti says:

      Ponders the written word… =)

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