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The Goods

on November 26, 2010

Woke up an hour after I planned on this morning, but still made it out of the house by 7:45

Went to target and got everything I wanted easily. No horrible crowds, good parking spot, went smoothly. Aside from them trying to short me a $10 gift card, but I finally explained to them their error, one gift card made the taxable value drop so that it looked like I didnt pay $100 but i did prior to the gift card $101.96 so I had to explain it over and over to the person in charge and she finally saw it my way.

Kohl’s was a whole nother story though. All i wanted was the damn giraffe purse.. and they wouldnt let me check  out at the jewelry/fragrance counter, even though purses are right behind it. I refused to stand in line for 30 minutes to buy one item, so I put it back and left.

Then I headed to Bath and Body works where I scored BIG. Got their VIP bag worth $119, for $20, and 5 body washes and a lotion oh and a lip gloss.

Old Navy was right next door so I stopped in, and found some $5 pj pants, a broncos shirt, and a pair of white pants on clearance.

On the way back stopped at Petsmart, and got 55lbs of dog food for $28. Not bad at all. Got ellie and kisa new collars, and toys for the cats and a bag of cat food.

On my way home I forgot I wanted to go to Best Buy and JCP, So i did, picked up only 1 movie, The Blind Side at BB and said hi to Mike while I was there. JcP was an effing mad house. All i went there for was shoes and from the second I walked in the door i was stressed lol. Shoes, boxes, tissues, lids, EVERYWHERE. People were going crazy. I almost gave up, but i found two pairs of booties that were adorable and fit! One Grey, One Black. They’re super cute.

I came home, had a sandwich and passed the hell out for a few hours on the couch. Shopping sure is tiring! My mom just called, and said she is buying me the camera I want as the rest of my xmas present!!!!! The first part was the $200 she sent me last night for shopping today.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Purple

She found it online at, and it comes with a 4gb memory card, a camera case, and a lens cleaning kit. All for $249! And free shipping! So hopefully I’ll have it by next week.

I think I’ll sell my current camera and depending on how much I get for it, either send her the money, or put it towards a plane ticket. We’ll see.


Here’s a slide show of everything I snagged today!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One response to “The Goods

  1. Kzinti says:

    You were a regular shopping machine!

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