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Why oh why?

on November 28, 2010

If I could be as productive all day as I am after 9pm, my house would be immaculate.

Seriously i didnt do shit all day cleaning wise until i thought hey, its getting late, i should take a shower, oh and do some laundry, and while i’m at it why dont i mend these 2 sweaters that have holes in them, oh and I need to cover up the AC unit since it lets cold air in, look i found the cat’s collar let me tackle her and put it back on, since i’m putting the chair back at the dining table I might as well put the dog food on the shelf to get it out of the way, and the cats need more water too……..

Yeah I did all that in about an hours time lol. wtf??

This morning I went and got my nails done all holiday -ish

I like them very much. I don’t plan on having money again between now and xmas so i might as well just get in the Holiday spirit already.

I did vacuum a little yesterday, and I played Just Dance 2 omg so much fun! I was sweatin ballz when i was done – after 11 rounds. I need to play it again asap! Was gonna go to the gym tonight and go swimming… but that didnt happen and now it’s snowing outside so I’m not really in the mood to get all wet either way.

Need to go shower now so I can get ready fast in the AM and drive through traffuck in the snow to work. Oh joy a Monday at the end of the month, after a holiday. I can haz morphine?


4 responses to “Why oh why?

  1. Perfectly perfect Christmas nails!

  2. I have had a big procrastinating day myself…the only productive thing I managed to do today was watch three movies. I did get completely sick of myself, though, and banged out a couple of decorating projects. This all happened after dark, though…I too am more productive at night! Btw, your nails look really nice. :o)

  3. Kzinti says:

    A nice Xanax drip, that will keep you blissfully unaware of your problems all month long…

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