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Yay for organization!

on November 28, 2010

Finally found a cheap-ish – $19.99 shower corner shelf-y thing at Bed Bath & Beyond. Can you believe they’re priced up to $129?! Sheesh. I need to go back tho and get my 20% taken off though, I forgot my coupon!

The directions weren’t that great so I got the jist of it and assembled it myself w/o getting confused.

So glad I have everything off the bathtub corners now. Stuff kept falling on my feet, or out of the tub.

Plus I can now keep ALL of my bath and body works shower gels in there all year long! Yay variety!

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4 responses to “Yay for organization!

  1. Kzinti says:

    Holy Heck! That’s a lot of showery stuff there!

  2. trishc1812 says:

    We have one similar to yours in our shower. It’s been there right at two years. We need to get rid of it because it is leaving rust spots on our shower floor. But, yeah, I like organization and wish I could use those fun scented bath gels and lotions…I’m sensitive and get totally itchy and/or the smells give me a headache. Sometimes, though, I risk the headache and/or itchiness and use some ‘smell good’ stuff anyway.

    • yeah i’ve read reviews were some got rusty.. i mean for 19.99 i dont expect a lot.. so if it rusts, ill get another LoL…

      that sucks that you’re sensitive, i dunno what i’d do if that was me… im lucky that im not really allergic or sensitive to anything, other than a grape juice in 3rd grade, and the cotton that comes off the trees when the seasons change.. lol

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