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Tuesday Things

on November 30, 2010

Things On Tuesday

Total Thuckage
it’s only Tuesday
stayed at work till 5:30 today
I’m just about broke till next week
The litter box needs to be cleaned
I have a buttload of laundry to do
It’s been effin freezing the last few days + windy = wind chill is no bueno.
Now that Dancing with the Stars is over for the season, I have nothing to watch on monday/tuesday nights.

Totally Tubular
Workin till 5;30 means overtime pay, not a lot, but some, to make up for the Furlough day after thanksgiving.
Havent had too many shitty customers thus far.. but there’s still 3 days left to the week.
Realized today, 3 weeks w/o any extra days off holidays or whatnot.. and that sucks.
But we get friday before xmas, and NYE off. so that’s nifty.
I’m going to try and make it to the Zumba class tomorrow at 6pm. I should probably pack gym clothes tonight so i can go straight after work if we leave late again.
Mom just fwd: me the tracking # for my camera yayayayay!! cant wait till I have it! Friday would be awesome, that way I could go do nifty things this weekend and take pictures LoL. But with my luck it wont be till next week. boooooo.

ok well ive been tryin to finish this for an hour so ill stop now lol


6 responses to “Tuesday Things

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Zumba. Do you have to be able to keep a rhythm to keep up? Is there a beginners class? I’m interested but can’t decide if I should do the classes at a gym or if I should ask for the Zumba for PS3 for Christmas.

    Overtime, cold, litter boxes and laundry all kind of suck, don’t they?

    I hope the rest of your week goes smooth as silk.

  2. lol.. i cant remember if i did zumba or a kick boxing class before, either way i was totally not in sync the whole time, but i tried.. its really non judgemental.. i kinda stayed in the middle and tried my hardest.
    i was more mad at myself cuz i used to be on a dance team and regular dancing, i’m really good at shakin my ass! rofl!

    i just saw the commercial for the zumba game.. but i just bought Just Dance.. and i’m tryin that out first, figure i should use my gym membership for the zumba part ya know?

  3. Kzinti says:

    I went to the DMV today and thought of you. There was a line of thirty people in front of me, so I made sure I had all the stuff ready to go, check made out, all documents in the order I remembered they asked for them last time and even walked up to the window with a smile. Hope I made her day! =)

  4. crankypants says:

    Men Of A Certain Age starts again next Monday, not sure if you ever watched that but I love it.

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