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Guess what………

on December 3, 2010

My CAMERA CAME TODAY!!!!!! Instead of Monday like it was originally scheduled for!

It’s soooooooooooooooooo awesome. I love it already!! I charged the battery while I was at work so It would be ready when I got off work.

I read through the manual during my break, and found out all the nifty features. I can link it up to my printer and print pictures w/o having to put them on the pc if i want since my printer is a canon, it’s capable of Pict-bridge. So when I get some ink…… i can print stuff LoL.

The only pics i’ve taken so far are of the animals of course. Kisa hears the camera turn on and she comes running… Ellie’s enamored with the zoom lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m thinking may be a trip to the zoo is in order tomorrow to test out the camera. Utilize my membership.. we’ll see how the weather is. If it’s not great that’d mean less families at the zoo… so it’d be a perfect time for me to go….

I need to remember to drop my rent off tomorrow! EEEEP totally forgot to mail it out today.

Need to take pics of old camera and gets specs and put it online to sell it.
Blue Bloods was awesome tonight as always.

I’m pretty tired already.. i could fall asleep right now.
We’re doing secret santa at work, and i got my friend Yohannes, all he wants is a Starbucks card, so I’ll get him that for $20.. and then a roll of dimes. Because he hates dimes, and already said I’d give him a roll of dimes before I got him as my person. LoL. But that’ll all have to wait until payday next week anyways.

There’s a lot of laundry that needs to be done this weekend. I missed my cardio dance class tonight at the gym since I left work so late.. so I need to get another workout in this weekend to make up for it. doubletime.

Last night Jess and I went and saw Morning Glory. It was way cute. Then we went to Fridays and met up with Ron and had a few drinks. i stopped by scooters on the way home and said hi to Josh.. then came home and passed out.

Oh yeah old navy is having a good sale tomorrow I may stop by. I have a 30% off a single item coupon.. hmmm.



One response to “Guess what………

  1. crankypants says:

    yay! i love it when that happens. Have fun w/the new camera!

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