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Denver Zoo, December 4th 2010

on December 4, 2010

There were barely ANY people at the zoo today, yay for me, I dont like crowds or children so it worked out well. It was a lil chilly out but the sun was shining so it was a-ok.

I took a buttload of pics so slideshow time it is.
Really happy how the tiger shots turned out, loving my new camera!
Watch out during the Giraffe pics one Guy was quite frisky…

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3 responses to “Denver Zoo, December 4th 2010

  1. crankypants says:

    great pics, I never see that many animals at the zoo, they’re always hiding. Looks like you got some voyeurism in too, I remember at the Honolulu Zoo when I went it seemed like every monkey in the joint was getting it on (or playing with himself, or trying to do it with a hole in the wall..)

    • Lmao!! I’ve never seen the monkeys here do that…maybe I don’t go when its their season LoL.. But we have 3 baby giraffes born w/i the last year, apparently its always their season hahaha

    • Kzinti says:

      At the KC Zoo, they have this windowed building that looks out over the chimp enclosure. They walk right up to the window and start making out, like, “You getting this on film?”. They also like to poop in their hand, put it in their mouths and spit it at the windows. I can only imagine what they are teaching our children. Damn dirty apes… LOL

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