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on December 5, 2010

Woooo being productive today. The Broncos aren’t playing that great, surprise surprise, so I’ve cleaned the kitchen and swept/swiffered the floor, got some laundry in the washer and dryer currently, and running the dishwasher.

Still need to clean off the dining table so I can set up my tiny tree, and also the ledge btwn the door/kitchen where mail and general crap ends up..

I sloppily hung up some xmas lights in my windows last night. Don’t have much to work with so its not that great lol. I bought some of those 3M hooks and they work perfectly (so far) for the lights, I also used one to hang a Tap Light near my washer cuz its dark in there.

Gotta finish up all my laundry, and put it away this time today. Oh and clean the litter box and vacuum. If I have enough motivation left imma clean the bunnies too.

DawgFude is being very needy today. I gave everyone treats today, and Ellie a “long lasting bone”…yah all of 2-3 minutes….she can’t savor and enjoy anything!

We didn’t win squat at bingo last night, we only played 4 games instead of 5 because their microphone was broken, so they were Yelling out the #s to a crowded bar, wasn’t great.

Its going to be a payday week coming up, yay, so excited. LoL. Got bills to pay and what not.

I figured out how to make my fave dish from Noodles & Co. The Pasta Fresca, so I may make that again for dinner. For as much as it costs at the restaurant, I bought all the ingredients I didn’t already have to make it, MULITPLE times.

7 mins left in the game, once its over, ill get up and get back to cleaning…

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