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on December 10, 2010

Just booked my plane tickets to Florida for the cruise!!! $192.40!

Could not pass up 25% off – non stop flights – at decent times!!!


Scheduled for the 10th-20th. The cruise is the 12th-16th. They usually put on a concert the night before the cruise so if they do it again, I’ll be there in plenty of time!

My flight leaves Denver around 11, and gets there at 5, and returning i Leave at 5pm and get back at 8. Can’t beat that!! 4-4.5 hours non stop no delays no spending the night in Dallas. I’m SO stoked right now.

I’m very broke, but very happy. LoL.

So nice to be able to PLAN things, unlike this year where it was a mad dash to book plane, car, hotel all in 30 days.

I’ve gotten compliments on my Dirty Dancing shirt today, I think I may go buy the Celtics shirt they had at old navy too.. gonna think about it till I get off work.

Supposed to help Tanya move tomorrow morning, not really looking forward to it, but she’s helped me so many times before, I DO owe her.

Todays the last day of my detox.. going well.. Still staring at chocolate every few minutes though, i may just.. take some home tonight to have over the weekend.. ya know.. just in case.

Made it to the gym this morning again!! Another 30 minute trip, 1 mile on the treadmill. I can only wake up so early.. and I figure that lil bit of cardio is enough to get me movin for the day. I even had time to curl my hair this morning so I look decent.

Back to work I go now.. 4.5 hours left…


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