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on December 11, 2010

Went and helped Tanya move today……. and i’m soooooooooo sore. Damn ppl who live on the 3rd floor!!!!  Can’t say I did a lot of heavy stuff cuz there were 4 guys there.. they did the couch and bed and fridge.. i did a lot of boxes and lil pieces of furniture that I could carry myself.

Where she’s moving, her parents house, is hella far away. Even further than she already was. Commutes are gonna suck for her. Her mom wasnt home, but she had made sloppy joes and put out snacks for everyone. Not great for me! I had ONE, and some chips and salsa, and 2 small cookies, and a pepsi. Gosh overload!!

I stopped by walmart on my way home to look for a blender replacement thingy but they didnt have it in the store, like the website said they did Booooo. However I managed to spend $38 there argh! Bought a “tool holder” for kitchen utensils since my drawer was getting pretty full. A little food scale, a drying mat for dishes,  and something else I cant remember right now. Dunno why I went to walmart on a mid day saturday.. big mistake… lots of screaming rambling children and people everywhere, drove me crazy.

I came home and laid down in bed and put on toy story 3. I finally bought AAA batteries for my remote for the new dvd player so I got to use it! After a couple hours nap I got up and took a super hot bath (see previous post). I’ve still got about an hour and a half till Bingo time.

Oh before I forget, after my detox/cleanse, looks like i lost about 4-5 lbs. Hard to be accurate with my ancient scale, but it’s still good! Hopefully didnt gain anything back with that sloppy joe lunch at tanya’s, but i’m thinking the 983898374 trips up and down the 3 flights canceled anything out lol.

Think I’ll check TGIFridays website for nutritional facts see whats good to eat tonight.. man I hope we win, i dont have a lot of $$ to spend!

Why am I watching Celebrity Rehab?! Was hoping for an Entourage marathon.. maybe that’s on Sundays, I forget.

Tomorrow I need to clean the bunnies, kitchen, living room, and do some laundry and still put away last weeks.


2 responses to “Dont.Wanna.Move.A.Muscle.

  1. crankypants says:

    Oh man I saw a commercial tonight for sloppy joes and got an instant craving! I might have to make some this week…
    Good job on the detox! I bet you worked off the dinner before you even ate it. I’ve lost a couple pounds myself since Thanksgiving (last I’d weighed myself was before the big dinner, too…) probably from walking up and down stairs doing laundry so many times in the last couple weeks and not eating too much!

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