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highs and lows

on December 12, 2010

We won 3 times at bingo tonight, totaling $30 gift cards, free appetizer, and $25 cash. All paid for our tab! Woot!

I came home after cuz I was pretty buzzed and got in bed.

Then I get a text from Springs saying I shoulda came to Scooters cuz he’s there w/everyone. So I get up, get dressed and head down there.

He was lookin forward to some lovin, but mother nature, that evil bitch, had other plans. He seemed pretty disappointed, nothin I could do about it though.. *shakes fist*

OH and Josh told me that Sean is home so I was talkin to him earlier too.. I gotta say I’m kinda lookin fwd to seeing him soon..

So in conclusion, mother nature cockblocked me, but now I have another booty call back in town, and I got free drinks and dinner tonight, so it was a decent night. If M/N would go away by say tomorrow am thatd be pretty awesome.

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