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Dont know

on December 14, 2010

I don’t know wtf this dogs problem is. No matter how many times I whoop her ass for the same reason over the last 5 years, she still doesn’t learn.

The other day she chewed 3 holes in a brand new bedsheet.

Tonight I fell asleep on the couch around 9, when I came to bed at 11, discovered she’d eaten 2 pairs of underwear. One being a brand new only worn once pair, and another being a favorite pair. Now I have none to wear with my new white pants.

Now you’ll say “well you should put your laundry away”. Yes, I should. OR she could stop being a fucking whore eating everything dog.

I think I need a pet psychic/psychiatrist to figure out why she does this.

Then, when I discover what she’s done, show her, she tries to BITE ME cuz she knows she’s in for an ass whooping.

Wish I still had a kennel for her to go in for solitary, to punish her. For now she’s hiding under the bed snarling at me if I get close.

Argh, now I’m going to bed cranky, and at some point when I’m asleep she’ll sneak on the bed cuz she’ll think I’ve forgiven her. I ignored her for a solid 8 hrs the other day after the bed sheet incident… Which is hard in a 1bedroom apt..

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5 responses to “Dont know

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I have a difficult time training dogs. Mr is much better at it. We have a special collar that we bought that has a remote. We can push a button to make it beep, another button to give her a small shock. It is not mean or dangerous. We can adjust the level of the shock. But it is very helpful.

    One thing we learned from a dog trainer was to put a few coins in an empty soda can and duct tape it closed. This sounds mean but it does not hurt the dog. When the dog does something wrong, you shake the can. If the dog continues, you throw it at them. After that, just shaking the can usually does the trick.

    Good luck!!

    • Yeah..its just she does it, and I find it later, never catch her in the act.

      • leendadll says:

        Punishing animals after the fact is useless because they don’t understand what they did wrong. It just makes them think you’re psycho.

        Eating clothing is slightly common in dogs. Never heard of the sheets before. It also can cause intestinal blockages which require surgery.

      • *She knows what she did is wrong, like i show her.. and she knows she shouldnt have done it, she hangs her head and crouches to the floor or runs under the bed.

        she KNOWS she shouldnt do it, but she still does,

        luckily.. everything she eats always comes out.. has since she was a puppy and ate my printer cord…. *

  2. xmangerm says:

    Thus far my Fluffy has not destroyed anything except toilet paper and the every now and then digging in the recyclable trash. However, he is a small breed therefore the damage would be somewhat minimum if he did have the tendency to chew.

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