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on December 17, 2010

I headed down to the Springs last night to see the boy.. hour and 20 minute drive.. during certain parts of it there was a light dusting of snow, of course. Rawr..

Once i got there he’d made a lasagna (frozen lol) for dinner.. and we watched some tv, then went to his room and started watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, love that movie!

After we got distracted from the movie for a bit… he reached over to a bag and said, you’re gonna love this, i’m awesome, and pulled out a Snickers bar and he goes here’s a snack for you! LOL how cute is that hahaha so i had a lil bit of it.. and then promptly passed out, like he said i probably would lol.. but he wasnt tired apparently and watched all of that movie, and then watched The Blind Side, every time he got up to go have a smoke or to get some food i kinda woke up and then would fall back asleep.

He made sure to set 2 alarms for me, plus my phone to make sure i got up in time to make it back home before work, which i did. However it snowed a lil over night nothing bad, but it just made for so much splash back on the roads plus the liquid they put down to prevent the freezing.. so it was a lil tricky driving at 530-6am in the dark w/o being able to see lol..

Everytime I hang out with him I like him more and more.. so that’s good, i enjoy it. Plus, who could pass up chocolate after sex?! And he totally doesnt mind my NKOTB obsession ♥


2 responses to “Snickers

  1. leendadll says:

    Sex & chocolate & sets alarms & doesn’t mind your obsession… sounds like a keeper!

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