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Monday Malarky

on December 20, 2010

Tomorrow Tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow..
Sorry, I have that, and Somewhere over the Rainbow stuck in my head LoL

Speaking of tomorrow, I have an interview at the Impound again. yay!
Cross your fingers please!

It’s further away, but the hours are NOT m-f 8-5. Which I prefer.
Washing/drying some clothes now so that I have something to wear tomorrow.. I’m thinking grey pants with grey booties.. not sure which shirt yet though.. we’ll see.

We won another $40 at bingo Saturday night yay! Then we went to Scooters afterwards… and there was some hippie live band playing, it was really lame. We were not amused. But we all left with out any fights breaking out so that’s good. Got to see Sean finally and flirted a lil when no one was looking, and josh’s gf tasha didnt come either so that was nice lol. However I still have not gotten any alone time with Sean.

He did CALL me twice this weekend, weird, he never calls we always text. I was giving him a hard time for flaking on me and not coming over… and he says “well at least i call and let you know whats going on! see i’m a good boyfriend!……..; pause ; errr… boyfriend material………. cept no one wants to be with me *fake cry*. I was just like Γ– ooooooook then.

I realized earlier that if i get the impound job, i’ll never see my customer crush \=
Even though he’s on FB, he never USES FB. sadness.

I tried to get up and go to the gym this morning, but it didnt happen. Had a hard time falling asleep last night i knew it was gonna happen….

We’ll see if it’ll happen tomorrow that way i’ll be up, energized, focused and ready for the interview.
People are starting to get my xmas cards, Cindy called me Sunday and said she loved it and also invited me to xmas dinner if I dont have any other plans I may take her up on it. My mom said she got hers today so my grandma should have also and possibly my dad. The rest went out in the mail today so hopefully they get to their destinations by xmas!

Oh so Chan is/was/maybe still coming out for NYE we had plans to go to the strip club, but now she says she doesnt want to, she may not come at all, or if she does she may just go to a house party with Christine. Really? Drive 800 miles for a house party? ::shakes head:: now i remember some of the lil reasons we stopped being friends and why she annoys me… but im just gonna bite my tongue… if she comes out, i’ll see her, but i’m not going out of my way.

OooOo Lane bryant is having buy 2 get 2 free bra’s through Jan 11th…. i could use some new ones…ill have to check out what the store has.. cuz sometimes the website is better.

Ok enough rambling from me.. gotta go sort my clean clothes..


4 responses to “Monday Malarky

  1. xmangerm says:

    Sara concerning, “Cindy called me Sunday and said she loved it and also invited me to xmas dinner if I dont have any other plans I may take her up on it” I would recommend that you don’t pass up any friendly meal plan. And just think you probably can bring Ellie along also. Or?

  2. leendadll says:

    around here, the lb stores have better selections. i only wear the Lace Plunge and when I go online there’s usually only 1 option. i wanted to take advantage of the sale but i want BOGO, not B2G2…. too much money (says the woman who blows cash like air)

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