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Pop Pop Pop!

on December 22, 2010

Had our potluck at work today, man everyone was hurting! There was just SO.MUCH.FOOD. i Totally paced myself, just had a lil of this and that, no seconds… but it was painful afterwards lol All you could hear was ommmgg i’m sooo fulll from everyone.

My truffles were well liked, there’s still some left over.. i kept them at work so they’ll get eaten, and if customer crush comes in tomorrow, ill offer him some. My coworker Yohannes said “no wonder all the boys call you, you know how to cook!” rofl

I got an email today from Kohl’s for $10 off $20 purchase, hells yeah. So i headed over there after work and wandered the store. Of course they didnt have the giraffe purse i wanted anymore..i found some zebra sheets but zebra’s not really my thing.. so i wandered through housewares saw some cool stuff on clearance, almost bought an 8 serving dinnerware set… but didnt.. also saw a mini cupcake maker… kinda looked like a waffle maker, same kinda design.

Pop it!

I finally decided on a hot air popcorn maker. I’ve wanted one for a long time. I remember having one as a child when we lived in L.A. and they were so much better than the bags. Of course it didnt come with any kernels, but it did have a .50 off coupon for some.. so i’ll pick some up this week.



We also exchanged our Secret Santa gifts today, my supervisor was my SS and she got me this neato hangy spinny thing,.. i dunno what their technical name is! LoL  cat swirly

Can you see the cats in it? One on the left and one on the right.. it took a minute of focusing for me to see them both at first but once i got it i was like sweet!!!

I’ve gotta find somewhere to hang it up in here, don’t wanna put it outside quite yet. It looks pretty awesome when you spin it!

She also gave me some purple staples LOl because I used to whine about having regular boring staples hahahaa. So funny that she remembered that!

I gave Ellie back her ginormous bone tonight since she was being kind of annoying.. she actually took a break from it for a few minutes… but anytime a cat gets close to it she starts in on it again.. such a spaz LOL.

I’m watching the CMA xmas show… there’s not really anything else on, but it’s a good show. Finally getting in the xmas spirit kinda. I even wore red and green today LoL..

My paycheck hit tonight instead of tomorrow so that’s pretty awesome. Got my Comcast bill paid, my irs check cleared and so did my insurance and I still have a LIL left over.. I contacted our finance ppl today to find out how much was left of my garnishment(s) and she told me $1654. That is an AWESOME # for me, that means about 6 more paychecks, and it’ll be all done!!! That falls right about the beginning of April. I am SO stoked !!! Especially because its about a month before my cruise!! I wont know what to do with myself. I’ll have about $500 more a month now. wowzers. Shouldn’t have to call mom for money anymore after that LOL.

Last night, RIGHT after I fell asleep my phone rang, and it was Sean, again. LoL… he’s like what’re you doing? sleeping? im sure i sounded half asleep cuz i was. He said he was near the target down the street… if i wasn’t already in bed passed out lookin like shit and didnt have to be up for work, I would have totally let him come over… he was like “oh i understand honey it’s okay don’t worry about it”. whats with these names he’s calling me lately?! So then today i texted him im like, what about thursday night, im off friday so i wont have to go to bed early and i promise i wont be tired like always… he never gave a definite “yes” but he did say “i was so cute” lol. wtf.

Oh yeah my interview went well… we’ll see what happens *crossing fingers* apparently there’s a new process for hiring… after interviews, there’s ANOTHER background check, a polygraph, a drug test, and physical. WTF??? I’m already employed by the city hellooooo lol… it may be because it’s part of the Sheriff’s dept.. who knows.. none of that should be an issue though.

I better wrap this up its close to bed time and I’ve been working on this a while and getting distracted. Will have to fight Ellie for her bone and put it away. One more day and then my 3 day weekend w00t!!


One response to “Pop Pop Pop!

  1. crankypants says:

    neato hangy spinny thing–I think that IS the technical name for it! haha…
    That air popper is cool, it’s much healthier than the bags too and cheaper in the long run I’m sure! Fingers crossed on the job!!

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