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Oh and then..

on December 24, 2010

I cut my hair.

Haven’t “done” it yet or played with it.. but its short. wow.

the girl kept asking, are you sure, you’re sure, can still back out now??

i was like dammit just do it i’ve been thinking about it for a week, now do your job and chop chop!!!

I’ll post pics once it looks decent.

Also took my phone to Sprint before I threw it out the window on the freeway.. and they replaced my battery said it was defective and “swollen”… makes sense it was hard to get the back cover off and on.. so far its worked better hopefully that was the issue!

Got my nails done as well, pink and “sparkles” on the tips. Thought it would be good for NYE not that I have any plans as of yet. . . my normal girl is in VEGAS for the weekend! so i had to see someone else, she took a while but it came out good.

My house is super clean because Sean came over last night finally lol we hung out and had some drinks and watched tv and cuddled on the couch and then went to bed. I ended up buying the zebra sheets from Kohls afterall because I got a 2nd 10$ off coupon… so we slept on those, i love’em so cute. The sheets that is. Had a very good time with him and he stayed all night and cuddled as well lol… i was mentioning how i need a maid, cuz i’m lazy lol and he’s like.. well you should just let me move in, and i’ll cook and clean, and walk the dog…. rofl WHAT?! WHO SAYS THAT?! I was like ohhh.. ive already lived with a moocher before I dunno that I could do it again lol… wowzers.. nice thought though hahah.. but that would mean a. a relationship and b. no more other guys.. anyways.

I showed him my new camera and of course he took some shots with it, I dunno if i’ve ever posted pics of him, but here’s 2 goofy ones.

I think i’m going to make some more toast really quick I love sourdough bread!
What a great holiday dinner right? LoL all my NV fam is over at my grandmas house right now chowing down and opening presents… i may be a lil jealous lol..



5 responses to “Oh and then..

  1. crankypants says:

    he’s cute! you can always send him over here to cook & clean for me for a couple weeks, haha just keeeding!

  2. leendadll says:

    oh, damn, Cranky beat me to the offer. but I’m in SoCal…. our weather is better!

    i’m confused about the phone…. you threw it out on purpose or accident?

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