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on December 28, 2010

I feel like my eyes are crossing, been looking at tax information for the last 30 mins or so, it’s so confusing for reals !

Are any of my readers tax gurus?!

  • Was just wondering if maybe my garnishment could be claimed on my taxes seeing as how its SO MUCH OF MY INCOME that i never even RECEIVED. Ya know?  I’m sure this one is a stretch lol
  • Are flexible spending accounts deductible or only health savings accounts?
    What about medical expenses? I spent a BUTTLOAD at the dentist this year…
  • I’m pretty sure I can claim the interest that I’ve paid  – on my previous tax years that i’m re-paying…
  • My student loans are still in deferment so I don’t think there’s anything there to claim since I haven’t made any payments.

Need to call Macy’s tomorrow and update my address for the w-2 ‘s they’ll be sending out soon. If i remember correctly I got mine really fast from them this year.

Today we had another ‘2 week’ meeting with my sup and manager. I have to say it was the shortest and least dramatic of all meetings. We slightly talked about the crazy ass lady i had 2 weeks ago in which she wrote a 4 page story about what happened, and 3 of us each wrote a 2 page rebuttal about what really happened. That thankfully is not being held against me. Yet, we still have to have ANOTHER meeting. Hopefully just one more. The only concern I brought up is that I was promised a desk move and still have no gotten it. Not surprising really. Whatevs.

Later on in the day I finally received the “wish list” of vacation days which i KNOW For a fact has been floating around for at least 2 weeks. I’m the last one to get it since i have the least seniority (by 3 months to the next person). She says “hurry and do this because it was supposed to be turned in YESTERDAY“. So I put down the days I have for my cruise, and the manager comes back and goes uh no you cant choose those someone else already did. My supervisor chose 2 days after my start date, and over a week after my return. Well that’s not my problem. We’re two different employees i’m a peon, she’s a supervisor. Those dates shouldn’t matter or have any conflict IMO. So I white out my choice and write “NONE” instead. She comes back AGAIN this is her 3rd interruption of me and my customers, rude much? She’s like you can’t put NONE you HAVE to put SOMETHING. I said well as I told you, i booked this trip in AUGUST for NEXT MAY, it’s already done and it cannot be changed. So whether you give me the time off or not, I’m going and I have my vacation time to use. Regardless, I’m hoping I get this other job I applied for so it would be a moot point anyways.

I think it’s ridiculous that we have to ask for vacation in the FOLLOWING YEAR. Normally I dont know what i’ll want to do where I want to go or if i’ll have any money to do anything if i wanted to. This is one of those times where I have it planned out. She’s the manager, it’s her job to MANAGE coverage when people take vacations. So deal with it.

Today I received a voice mail from the lady at the Impound that I should be receiving a call next week from one of the Sergeants because I was one of the top 3 candidates chosen so I’ll need to sign off on the background check and fill out a million other things. So that’s pretty kick ass. Had i not received that call, I wouldn’t have been as snotty about the vacation stuff lol..

Since Chan isn’t coming out for NYE anymore, I’m thinking about having a wii/board game/drinking hang out and chill event at my place. Why? I dunno. That would mean I would have to TOTALLY CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE what am I thinking?! I posted it on FB and sent out some texts, Marsha says she’d be interested as well as Tyler his roomie and gf.. but I havent heard anymore yet.. so I’m not making it official until i get more replies.. and then i’d have to bust ass cleaning.. so we’ll see. I’m broke anyways so going out really isnt an option…

Put my old camera up on Craigslist lastnight and got one phony response, and another asking if i’d take $50 for it, when i made sure to say IN the post “$100 FIRM”. gah ruh-tards.

Ok this has gotten long enough and now I’m just rambling on and on.. 30 minutes till bedtime, maybe ill get productive…


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  1. Kzinti says:

    Garnishment, no. Flexible spending, not that I’m aware of, but I do know that it is set up so that you spend that money before taxes are taken out, so I’d think not. Interest, not deductible unless personal property taxes, interest on home loan, RV that can be claimed as second home and maybe student loans, which depends on amount you earned and how much you paid, which in this case is nada. I just wish we went to a flat tax and got rid of all this crappy this rule but only if a,b and c apply kind of crap.

  2. leendadll says:

    Definite no on the FSA. Probably not on the HSA.
    Medical deduction is only 50% of what you spent and has to be a LOT (like $3k) to make itemizing work out better than the standard single deduction.

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