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on December 29, 2010

I remembered today the pasta that I love should still have some coupons on the box at the grocery store, so i headed over there..

Again they were on sale for $1.29
with a .50 coupon on the box
that gets doubled at check out.
So it ends up being .29 per box.
I bought 10 boxes (=
I did leave 2 on the shelf for someone else…

I just knew the coupon was expiring on the 31st of December so I couldn’t pass it up!

So i got all this, for $2.90
Love this Pasta esp. when it's 29 cents a box
As i type this up i’m watching the new show on TLC “Extreme Couponing”. I love it, I’m in heaven.

I’m not as bad as they people, they have 2-3 years worth of stock piled stuff, I do not have that sort of room available…. if i did who knows….


I also bought some more baby spinach, white wine with lemon for cooking, feta, english muffins, and bread… all for $25.11 Athenos really needs to put out some coupons for feta cheese, I love it but its damn expensive.

I still suck at remembering to take my reusable bags to the store, i need to put them in the car already!!


One response to “Teeheee

  1. Kzinti says:

    Yes, put them in the car, front seat. I take packages to the mail counter at the store in them, so I shop afterward and only enough to fill the bags. Keeps my shopping down to the minimum, I’m in the store about every day getting something, so I catch the good sales and best of all, I have the bags with me every time!

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