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on January 4, 2011

Going to the gym is really cutting into my blogging!
Last night I went after work, because I couldn’t get in to see Country Strong. Did 1.6 miles on the treadmill burned about 215 calories.. and then did 5 minutes on the stair stepper, that thing is EVIL. I really wanted to do this one ab machine but these stupid girls were using it, and being stupid and i waited and waited then finally left. As soon as I did, they got off the machine. Rawr.

Tonight I went again and tried out the Pilates class. OMG Did i suck ass at it. I can’t bend or balance or sit up “with my core”. I really feel it right now, but I dont think i’ll do it again any time soon until I lose some of this gut and have the use of my ‘abs’ again haha. I’ll stick with my Zumba and other things for now.

Dunno if I’m going to go in the AM tomorrow or wait till Zumba tomorrow night. Supposed to try and see Country Strong tomorrow night though, but apparently Tanya had the flu today and god knows I don’t want that. Kinda wanna go swimming too, do some laps…

Had a blowout this morning with my manager or some stupid BS that shouldn’t have even escalated into what it did. Very retarded. I even tried to get up and leave halfway though because it was going in circles and she wouldn’t let me. I should have anyways there’s  no point. Also found out that my supervisor is no longer allowed to have her cell phone on her/at her desk anymore. Ohhh how things have changed. Part of the whole being suspended thing was them saying “oh its okay for mgmt to have their phones because its essential to their jobs”. It’s not actually, the city doesnt pay for them nor do they get “important dmv calls” to their personal cell phones. We’ve also noticed that the sup and manager seem to be having a lot of meetings lately with the two of them arguing. Which to me is pretty entertaining. And its good to see that someone else is finally letting their thoughts be heard out loud.

I should totally go to bed its 11:15 and way too late for me to be up!


4 responses to “Slacking

  1. leendadll says:

    I always quote Chelsea Handler, “I don’t really DO abs.”
    I have a “naughty pilates” DVD. It’s normal pilates but when they get to the repetition part, they’re in slutty customs and poses (like on pool tables). Very tongue-in-cheek but better than regular old pilates. Want me to try to burn a copy for you?
    I want to try Zumba but haven’t found a class late enough for my schedule (and I don’t work out at home. not gonna happen)

    I’m having major issues at work right now. Had a HUGE fight with some idiot yesterday and found myself, for the first time ever, really caught up in “does she know how many levels above her my title is?” The real issues were:
    1. She started off bitchy to me so I returned the favor.
    2. She was changing stuff she had no authority to touch but was trying to pull rank over me.
    3. I have tons of experience in not only my job but also hers (so none of that “you don’t understand that it’s my job to do this” because I know that it is not)
    4. I tend to forget that people hear my loud voice as yelling. So when I was just speaking to her, she took it as yelling, and yelled and me so I walked off, telling/yelling that she could deal with my boss – because it was that or shove her head through a wall.

    On the bright side. I heard that my boss yelled at her today and I won the discussion.

  2. in all reality if you burned me a copy i’d never do it at home, 1. because of the dog. 2. because of the cats. and 3 because i’d have to move the coffee table LOL.

    but thanks for the offer!!

    i do better at actual classes away from home.. i MAY try it again next week everyone says i just have to do it again. so we’ll see.

    my inside voice is loud as well thats what got my boss riled up. she’s like the way you’re talking to me isnt okay. I said well what you’re saying is repetitive and doesnt even apply to the situation and you’re agitating me so YES I’M BEING LOUD.

  3. leendadll says:

    I’m loud because I don’t hear my own voice. I think I’m talking at the same level as everyone else. They can probably hear me on Pluto when I’m actually mad!

    I totally get the not working out at home thing. I have an awesome collection of workout videos but I do nothing more than watch them once then put them on the shelf. When I buy, I don’t even pretend that I’m going to *do* them… I just collect fun workout vids (mostly pole dancing).

    Regular pilates was too boring for me. S Factor (pole dancing) has pilates-types moves for warmup but most of them are sexy, which distracts me. I was doing a move for about 20 reps before I realized “HEY… THESE ARE PUSH-UPS!!”

  4. Kzinti says:

    I’m loud too, but for different reasons. I’m just naturally energetic, so I go from 1 to 11 real quick. I actually get quieter when I get pissed off. LOL, which for a huge person like me, is very scary to normal sized lilliputians…. Is it a threat if you mean it?

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