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Made it through Hump Day

on January 5, 2011

Sooooooo sore today! OMG! Just driving to work, pushing the gas pedal hurt my “core” ie. my stomach it was sucky!! Every time i had to get up from my desk and go to the printer was torture haha.

Instead  of going to the movie tonight, i went to the gym and did Zumba. That’s a big thing man! The class was PACKED though and these asian girls were creeping up in my space. There was a different teacher as well at first I wasnt sure I liked her but as it went on i warmed up to her and even during once dance/move we high 5’d. LOL. I really hope that the new years exercise rush dies down soon, its soooo hard to even find a parking space in the evenings!

I need to pick up some new work out clothes since I’m going more often. Something more comfortable than just sweats and a better sports bra. The work out tops I have are just not cutting it for these big girls.

The scale is not changing at all yet and that’s pissing me off. I need to measure myself though I should have done it a week or so ago when i started getting into this maybe ill do it before bed tonight.

Me and Jess are going grocery shopping tomorrow after work, yay food, yay shopping yay coupons and yay PAYDAY!

I’ve been talking to these local Denver girls on twitter who are also NKOTB fans, so happy i found them. And well they all go hang out together and do things and they invited me out on Saturday to go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and to see The Fighter which I’ve already seen but WANT to see again! I’m SO STOKED!!!! Yay for friends with common interests who LOOOOOOOVE NKOTB. We’re also all on diets/work out regimens and totally watching what we’re eating and well CF isnt the healthiest place so we’ll see what i end up with. Depending on how late we hang out I may not make it to Bingo, but i’m okay with that seeing as how we won the jackpot last weekend.

Work was totally dead all day long. It was so nice really. We needed that lull. Even left on time we were standing around the time clock waiting for 4:55.

Taking tomorrow off from the gym for reals I need to re-coop.


7 responses to “Made it through Hump Day

  1. Kzinti says:

    Don’t worry about the scale not changing. that’s one of the least helpful ways of checking in on your progress. You are losing fat, gaining muscle, which is much denser and heavier. It’s how your clothes fit, how you FEEL. Besides sore and tired, do you have a bit more energy, feel better, in a better mood even? That is the payoff, not weight loss, at least not completely weight loss. You are doing awesome!

    • If I go in the AM I have more energy thru work, but so exhausted by 7, 8pm.

      Better mood? No LoL..but that’s a whole nother story haha!

      *some* pants fit a lil better…

      I’m just SO impatient!

      • Kzinti says:

        I know, I have the same problem with patience. But look at it this way, that weight didn’t just get on there in a week. I’m desperately in need of a weigh in though, speaking of scales. It’s been a long time and I’ve dropped some weight, but have a lot more to go. *sigh* One calorie at a time. LOL

      • Oh yeah like 5 lbs came on from last years 3day cruise LOL

        That’s basically “overnight”!


      • so, the skirt i wore today fits looser than it did a few weeks ago… thats progress! w00t

  2. freshdates says:

    I recently bought some new workout clothes from Running Bare They’re Australian but ship overseas. They’re work out clothes that are actually flattering (shock!). I think flattering work out clothes are a must – helps with motivation plus when you think about it you probably spend more time in them than any of your other clothes (except maybe pjs!).

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