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on January 8, 2011

GOT OUR TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!





6 responses to “VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. leendadll says:

    Have you stayed at Palms Place? GREAT sex rooms!

    Otherwise, The Orleans is just down the block and about a gazillion times cheaper than anywhere else. Won’t give you the “vegas experience” – but that’s cause you can afford stuff (a bottle of booze in the room was $18, as opposed to $200 for the exact same bottle at The Palms).

    • i havent stayed anywhere in vegas since i was 19, and it was some casino/hotel down the street from a Motel 6 that wouldnt honor my reservation because i was under 21….. wtf right? but the casino/hotel had no problem letting us stay there…

      my friend is thinking the Excalibur for $75 a night unless she can find something else.

      southwest has really good deals im lookin at..

      not really worried about sex rooms since its with my best friend LoL

      • leendadll says:

        UGH!! Do NOT do Excalibur… no way, no how!! That place SUCKS!! I mean, nearly the worst of the worst!! HORR-I-BUL!!

        The Orleans is closer (you could walk – though I wouldn’t at night) and CHEAP. And NICER. It’s a no frills, “locals”, casino but the rooms are nice & roomy. They have a decent, super cheap, buffet but also a couple nice restaurants. The floor staff is SUPER NICE (I had dealers advise me to take back bad bets while I was learning blackjack; bartenders at the pay bars would comp me regularly). And their pool is great!! Nothing fancy, none of the hipster crowd… just really really nice.

        Make an account on their site, or fb them, and you’ll get the discount mailings. Or use (GREAT site!) and then book directly through the hotel for extra discount.

      • leendadll says:

        Okay… so I lose. Something must be going on that night because rates at The Orleans are oddly high.

        But is quoting The Palms at only $25 more than Excalibur for that night and you’ll easily comp that by not needing a taxi (let alone that Excalibur is a crap hotel (3 stars, which is more than it deserves) and The Palms is nice (4.5 stars))

  2. Kzinti says:

    Well, it’s not a ticket to the NKOTB, but hey, Vegas is the home for debauchery, so you have that going for you, right?

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