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on January 13, 2011

I dont even feel like i could write complete thoughts right now

  • tired
  • sore
  • blah
  • eh
  • but
  • uuuuuugghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Went to a diff gym location today, lots of the gays there.. lol.. zumba class.. run by a dude.. in-fucking-tense o m g every teacher is sooo different his class was like ALL latin. i havent sweat that much in ANY class EVER. so drenched when I left.

Right now I can barely move.. i’m starving but that would require walking to the kitchen.. that’s just not possible.

Chan is supposed to be driving in for the weekend tomorrow. I should probably clean the house a lil. She wants to go to the bar tomorrow night, hope she doesnt get all butthurt about bingo saturday like she did a year ago lol..

had our every 2 week meeting at work today, and guess what. ……………

i havent had any formal written complains in the last 2 weeks! whaaaaaaaaaaat! surprised  myself even hahahaha.

shiiit i was gonna finish filling out this ppwk for the impound tonight but yeah.. that’ll prolly have to wait till tomorrow.. i gotta take it in to work though and get it notarized. did i mention its 23 pages long.. yeah.

id kinda like to just sleep on the couch tonight so i wouldnt have to move.. but there’s other crap on the couch.ugh.


3 responses to “Blaaaarggghhh

  1. leendadll says:

    I TOTALLY want to take the mostly-gay zumba class!
    YAY for the intense workout!
    YAY for good pain!
    YAY for friends & doing stuff!!
    YAY for no complaints!
    Boooo for housecleaning.

    • well it was mostly women in the class it self.. a few guys but i couldnt tell from afar their preferences..

      the rest of the gym however was gay central LOL just that part of town!!

      i slept pretty crappily being in so much pain, even with a heating pad, and in turn woke up EXTREMELY cranky which lasted at work. was no bueno Lol

  2. Kzinti says:

    No pain, no gain. yeah right. You gain a new appreciation for pain. crapola. I did have to laugh at Butthurt. LOLOL. Now that’s funny.

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