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Weekly Wrap Up

on January 22, 2011

i’ve wanted to post all week but i’ve just been so exhausted!

I did Zumba tues weds thurs this week and a regular work out monday. My knee was a bit sore after thursdays class but it seems all better now, I slept with a heating pad on it all night.

I signed up for Groupon the other day, dunno why it took me so long, then I got a $5 coupon from them to use on a future purchase and today’s deal was $30 for 4 kick boxing sessions, a 40 min personal training session and free boxing gloves! It’s normally $105! So in actuality I got it for $25! Freaking awesome. It’s not really close to my house.. but they have times that will fit my schedule, after work and weekends. So we’ll see when I can make some time for that. I’m really excited!

Also got an offer from the Denver Broncos ‘crush’ which is the girls fan club, for buy one get one free at this tanning place. Now i’m pasty as all hell, and I’ve always been afraid to go to a tanning place.. but i might just try it out. The girls say it’ll be good to do it pre-cruise maybe not get so sunburned LOL.

Bought One of my tix to Vegas last night, I wont get in till 10:45 friday night but it’ll give me time after work to get everything situated and maybe Josh can take me to the airport. Hopefully be able to buy the return tix here soon lol.. otherwise i’m stayin in Vegas LOL.

I scheduled my Polygraph test for Monday afternoon, I dunno why but I’m  still nervous about it lol everyone says not to be. They told me all I needed to bring was my last 5 years of work history. Which is hella easy. Um, DMV, Macys, Comcast. LoL

My house is a disaster area again, I just dont understand how it gets so bad so fast lol maybe I should take Sean up on his cleaning for sex offer hahaha. Gotta get as much as I can done today. Wanted to go get my nails done but that may wait till tomorrow. Or maybe even Monday after the test. Tyler’s going to replace my front Rotors and Brake pads tomorrow YAY. No more constant squeeeeeeking. Driving me effing crazy. Need to go to the petstore and get some cat food and litter they’re about out of both.

Last night I fell asleep in the chair around 930 or so LOL. once i got uncomfortable enough i went to bed and got to sleep in till 10 today, felt so awesome!

Paid all my bills so far, IRS, power, gym, netflix, car insurance, bank loan… even still have some left over! Looks like after next months power bill ill be all caught up in my past due/payment arrangements with them… as Chan said “first time in 5 years?” lol yeah pretty much.

Welp this episode of Jersey Shore is just about over so I should get up and start cleaning and have some lunch.


2 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. leendadll says:

    I have Groupons for cooking classes, pole dance workouts, and contortion classes. Haven’t used any of them yet (doesn’t help that the contortion classes changed locations). Older groupons for air-brush nails and something else (I forget what) expired before I even remembered them – so now I’m careful to buy things that I have a year to use.

    I also signed up on Tippr. Someone linked me to another site but I had a weird feeling about it so I didn’t do that one. And Google is supposed to launch one soon.

    Does GoldStar Events ( cover your area? They have fantastic specials on everything from concerts to sports to spas.

    Good for you for getting so much done! Whoever Chris is, male or female, tell them that I’ll take them up on the trade!!

  2. Kzinti says:

    I’ve thought about putting up a heavy bag at home, so I could have somewhere to go take out my frustrations without having to go to jail. LOL. Some days, you just need that release.

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