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No Lies – Bingo Drama – Grumpy Gym

on January 24, 2011

Went and took my Polygraph test today, I was soooooooooooo nervous! I dont know why, probably because it’s something I’ve never been through before but the girl was totally nice and helpful, but she talked VERY fast.. we went over everything first so it was more like “besides what we talked about have you ever _ _ _” things like that.

They said the results are usually sent over w/i 24-48 hours. Man i hope I passed! I couldn’t really control my breathing she was like dont worry about it your body knows how to breathe, but theres like 15 seconds pause btwn each question so staring at the weird patterns of paint on the wall got old id think about my breathing. I went from breaths every 4 seconds to every 15 seconds at the end.. very wacky. They also used  a web cam to record the whole thing. I assume to monitor body language facial features?

On my way home I was texting Sean telling him that if (when) I pass the poly, then I still have to do a physical and drug screen, he’s like “Physical?… well I’ve seen you in bed, there’s no doubt you’ll pass”. ROFL O M G He went there, but I have to say that’s the nicest thing I heard all day!!! hahaha.

Attempted to go to Monday night zumba, but yet again, it was full 35 minutes prior to the class. I was pissed and gave some attitude during check in. So instead I did 3 miles on the bike, 5 different arm/weights machines, and 2 diff ab workouts. Not zumba, but better than nothing (lol i wrote butter first).

Made some yummy beef (for stew) and some garlic/olive oil wild rice. i’m lazy but it worked.

Oh so Saturday night at Bingo.. wow drama LoL. The bar was like EXTRA loud and they kept asking over the microphone for people to keep it down at a reasonable level for everyone else etc etc etc… during the last game, the one to win cash at, this table behind us was being obnoxiously loud. So I turned around and nicely said hey, do you guys mind keeping it down like they asked? It’s really hard to hear tonight… and the one guy looks at me and goes “are you fucking SERIOUS? REALLY? BINGO NUMBERS?” to which i say yeah, i’m serious otherwise I wouldnt have asked, and then i turned back around. However he kept running his mouth, so I turned around again and said listen, i asked nicely, so quit being a fuckin asshole and just SHUT THE FUCK UP and be courteous to the rest of the people here… at that point he talks towards Josh and says “hey why dont you keep your bitch in check dont let her talk like that to people”. Which automatically set Josh off he stood up and turned around and lots of words were exchanged.. we got him to sit back down and continue with our game…

Then Corrine and Sean came back in from smoking and I told Corrine that if something goes down for her to back up because she just had neck surgery and I didnt want her to get hurt. Wendy gives Sean a heads up just in case, we’re all thinking wait and see if these fools keep talking but instead, Sean stands up and gets on the defense about it all. So now everyone from both tables is up tossin words around and looks and glares etc etc.. the bartender comes over and hes like hey hey hey guys you’re missing numbers being called! and we’re all eff the #’s right now!!!  the manager comes over and gets in between everyone and then has the bill brought out for that table, makes them pay and stands there the whole time till they leave. Our normal bartender comes over and he’s about the same height/size as Josh and Sean and he goes “ill have to admit you guys… you’re kind of intimidating when you’re both up on the defense like that with your dont fuck with me faces on” hahahaha its pretty amusing that we stayed and the other table was forced to leave, hopefully they wont be back next Saturday!

It’s nice to know my guys will stick up for me and beat some ass if need be. I woulda thrown some punches if it’d come to it…

Got my brakes done Sunday by Tyler, so nice to drive w/o any squeaking now. Also gave Ron a ride to pick up a new alternator and got him a discount, even though I somehow somewhere lost my employee badge which I now have to order and pay for a new one. Now Ron owes me a Zumba class, i’m thinkin he’ll go to the Thursday one with me.


4 responses to “No Lies – Bingo Drama – Grumpy Gym

  1. Kzinti says:

    Wow. Busy, busy. Why is it that all the dickheads tend to congregate in bars? Like they need to get drunk for the asshole to manifest itself? I’ve seen my share of the drama and I know that having friends willing to throw down means a whole lot more than people think. And I laughed so hard at your Sean’s comment about you passing the physical. And yes indeed it’s saying much. LOL

  2. xmangerm says:

    Good luck with the Poly.

  3. leendadll says:

    comment. comment. other comment.
    i know i had some the first time i read this but i wasn’t logged in so i couldn’t leave then and now i don’t remember any EXCEPT… and me and some punk music to that bingo night and it would have been crazy!

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