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Soooo Sore

on January 30, 2011

I really think all weekends should be at least 3 days long. 2 is just not enough for me!

Yesterday morning I hit up 24hour fitness to use my *free* personal training session coupon they sent  me, I wasted no time using it! My trainer was Phil, a nice guy, prolly in his 40’s or so or maybe less hard to tell he had graying hair.. but he was super helpful. Had me sweating after 10 minutes. Did a lot of resistance stuff, kettle bells which i’ve never used, stuff with the medicine ball, and body weight exercises. Also showed me the correct way to use the pull up machine. It has 3 diff functions. Regular Pull up. Then Dropped push up to work the back of your arms, and then an inner pull up to work your chest. He explained that is the only machine where the more weight the better because youre only lifting your own body weight. Its really hard to explain you’d have to see it LoL. He gave me lots of good ideas of new things I can do aside from Zumba/treadmill/bike/weights. So i’ll start incorporating those this week.  I was hella sore when i got home yesterday as i am today lol. I had to go downstairs for something and on my way back up i thought i was gonna be sick it hurt so much LOL!

After about 2 hours of not moving, i got up and finally started cleaning the house. I find it soooo funny that so many of my blog neighbors are always saying the same thing. “my house is such a mess” No one’s ever like OMG I’m so OCD about things everything has its place and theres never a speck of dust in my house… I have lots of laundry to finish, bunnies to clean, and vacuuming to do. Hopefully i’ll get it all done today…

Bingo was not dramatic this week, it was pretty dead in there actually, we all only had 1 drink each cuz we’re poor… the bartenders were like wtf…? haha… we went to scooters and had 1 more drink. i left a lil after 1 because it was dead there too and i was pretty bored. Josh’s friend PJ told me that Springs got kicked out of his house? or he couldnt afford to stay there anymore? I don’t think he’s been working and I know his car got repo’d. I wish HE’D be the one to tell me but whatevs. He must be one of those proud men. He may be moving up here to stay with PJ for a bit. However that whole situations sucks, hes kinda losing brownie points with me.

I told WTR i may come over after bingo but i decided against it, didnt feel like driving that far. It’s probably good that I didnt because when I went to bed last night i had hella bad cramps and this morning woke up to an unwanted visitor. Boo. So now I won’t be gettin any from anyone this week. \=

Still havent heard anything back on the polygraph yet, they said 24-48 hours… and its been a week now.. sounds about right for anything having to do with the City…

My nails need a rebase like something fierce, its been since before new years… but i just dont have money till the end of this week. I’ve gotta pay my cable bill here asap before they shut my ass off lol.

Welp I better go purchase my newspaper and get my coupons clipped! Argh note to self, schedule Ellie a teef cleaning when I have money again after March.


3 responses to “Soooo Sore

  1. crankypants says:

    I’m all for 3 day weekends too!!
    That’s great you got a free personal trainer session and got a lot of good tips you can use! Hope your soreness goes away quickly. I gotta start getting some exercise, maybe I’ll hit yoga tomorrow finally! and maybe the dreaded spin class on Weds.
    I actually got some stuff done yesterday around the house, not that you’d notice, but I still have a lot more to do, which I will start shortly! woohoo.

  2. leendadll says:

    yay for a great workout with a great trainer!

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