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Thursday Bullets

on February 3, 2011

It’s a bulletpoint kinda day

  • Lots of snow. Booooo – still freezing here
  • Went to work finally
  • Still sick though but seems to be getting better
  • Payday YAY
  • Finally found and bought a cute giraffe print purse!
  • Ellie got lots of treats at PetSmart tonight. She wouldn’t leave the register till the Cashier gave her a cookie.
  • Bought my return tix from Vegas tonight. Yay for Southwest!
  • Was going to see Sean tonight but we’re both sick.
  • Told him i’d clean the house tonight (havent done it yet) so he could come over tomorrow, and we could sleep in on Saturday. Hopefully SharkWeek as CrankyPants calls it will be over by then. LOL
  • I should really clean the house………………
  • My lips are hella chapped from not being able to breathe out my nose
  • Need to purchase a humidifier soon.
  • Ellie has been very needy lately, maybe because I’m sick.
  • Hope this cold goes away so i can go back to the gym.
    I havent been to Zumba all week long )=
  • Sean asked me tonight why we’re still in hiding… \=
  • I said because I don’t want to hear the shit talking from Josh
  • He said he wouldn’t mind if people knew. (everyone really knows BUT Josh)
  • That makes me feel bad though.
  • I should at least get up and do something before bed… Tata!

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