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The “R” word

on February 5, 2011

Its Snowing. Again. I thought it was supposed to be nice this weekend?! Well it was this morning when I left to get my pedicure and nails done. So I wore an Old Navy hoodie and flip flops.. half way through my appt it starts snowing, I figure oh it’s Colorado weather it’ll change in 15 minutes as it always does………….. Nope. 3 hours later, still snowing. Now they’re saying possibly 6 inches by tonight?!

I stopped by ULTA and picked up a new OPI color, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Its pretty much all glitter so we did a diff pink opi color as the base. So i’m all sparkly pink on my toes.

The nail salon is awesome in February. Always 15 % off everything for the New Year celebration and lots of candies and goodies around! I was spoiled today, love them! Even gave Rose a $10 tip (=

They told me to come back before I go to Vegas and they’ll paint a bunny on my toe for good luck, since it’s the Year of the Rabbit and all!

So I went over to Sean’s last night even though he was still sick, mostly a cough, and my sickness is just about gone, we could finally hang out. All we did was watch tv and cuddle the whole night. Thats it. Nothing else. NOTHING. |=

He kinda tip toed around asking questions and hinting towards having “the talk”. You know which talk. lol. We didnt get through it all though lol. I think he’s kinda butthurt that all my people know about us and all his people (Josh mainly) doesnt. I dont think he’s going to keep it secret much longer. It may even go down tonight at Bingo. Corinne said if she goes to Bingo, she’s just going to tell him he should plant a big ol kiss on me in front of everyone. I really wouldn’t object to that… haha.

Srsly just the thought of something serious-ish freaks me the eff out. I havent had serious in a long time. I’d say since Marc. ATC was not serious, just dating hanging out. I’ve avoided serious at all costs the last few years for good reason! I dont want to turn into a psycho clingy stalker typical girl. But everyone re-assures me that its time for me.

I was gonna go finish my errands but dont really feel like going back out in the snow. So maybe I’ll just clean up around here, still need to do the bunnies. Poor things they prolly hate it me right now lol. Lots of laundry to put away. I need to get my butt back to the gym now that I’m feeling back up to par. I MISS ZUMBA!!!

My laptop battery is very unhappy and needs to be replaced ASAP. I called my mom to see if she still gets a discount through work or not because it’s not posted on our city discount page anymore. A new dell battery is like $149! My mom was like “might as well just buy a new ‘puter”.. lol. ok but i dont want a new puter i like my puter i just want a new battery!! Sure there’s ton’s on EBAY but I dunno if I can trust those or not ya know? I wanna go buy the Batteries+ store and see if they have any..

Welp I better go find some fuzzy warm socks to put on my toesies and get to cleaning!


One response to “The “R” word

  1. leendadll says:

    did you check amazon? there’s usually a ton of reliable sellers with generic computer parts – and you have the amazon reliability (and return option) behind your purchase. I go that way whenever possible.

    love the nail polish. my bottle of black splatter (also part of the Katy Perry) collection FINALLY arrived yesterday so I did my toenails today. tried to get a pic but i kept blocking the sun and forgot to go out later.

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