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High’s and Lows

on February 9, 2011

Lets start with the low and go up from there mkay?
Checked my mail today and received the following letter:

Dear Me:
Thank you for your interest in the impound position. Many applicants are considered for this position and after a careful review of your testing process we will not be offering you this position. Sincerely blah blah blah blah….

Soooooooooooo that sucks. I was pretty much guaranteed that job. I was a shoe-in for it. If only they’d given it to me last year when I went for it.. *rolls eyes* Sooooooooooo now I’m back to searching for something w/i the city which there is NOT much of right now.

My supervisor is being “temporarily” ahem, transferred to a different branch, so that opens up the vacation time that I need for the cruise that I was denied since she took 3 weeks of may off. So i need to speak to the manager about that since it looks like I’m stuck in DMV hell for a while longer.

I dont understand why its so fucking difficult to LEAVE a job i HATE.



Sean and I talked for 2 1/2 hours on the phone last night. Lots of good convo went on. The last hour ish was “the talk” haha. Apparently i’m a big commitment phobe. The whole thing made me uncomfortable and I giggled a lot and say “i dunnnooo.. what do you think, what do you want”. So we came to the conclusion and agreed upon the following: To continue along the same path we are, hanging out, talking, sexing and seeing where it goes. We obv. both care for each other and don’t want to ruin and or jeopardize that. The whole convo started because he asked how i would feel if he were to go talk to another girl at the bar while we were all out. My response was uhhhhhhh i dunno ? i guess i’d have mixed feelings about it. Since we’re still in hiding (from josh) i couldnt really say anything. I’m not the possessive time either so… its really hard to say. Now if he was making out with someone in front of my face at the bar i’d be a lil butthurt. Not that he has ever done that, but it was an example. So we agreed to be respectful in front of each other and what not.

I think we’re going to have to tell Josh about it soon, maybe even this weekend. It’s like Sean wants someone to talk to, Josh is “his person” and he cant share this with him. He said he told his cousin, but he doesnt know me so it doesnt matter that much.

So i guess I’m not really seeing anyone else at this point then? I guess? Right? Lol its so hard for me to just jump and say alright i’m all in!!

Blue Bloods is yet again an awesome episode tonight, I’m gonna finish watching it and check out some stuff online and head to bed… maybe Sean will call again tonight.


One response to “High’s and Lows

  1. xmangerm says:

    “I dont understand why its so fucking difficult to LEAVE a job i HATE” Sara, I would advise that you be careful what you ask for. Your frustration with your present employment still feeds you and your critters. Or?

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