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Weekend in Pictures

on February 13, 2011

My mom used to take pics of me while I was sleeping, since I dont have kids, I feel the need to do it to the animals LOL…

Dawgfude just looks so peaceful sleeping on her ASPCA blanket.





Today I saw this couple walking into the grocery store.

I call them Douchebag and Douchebaugette.

Trying to be Jersey Shore in Denver.



Yesterday I looked super cute going to bingo, of course, Sean wasnt able to make it.

I may just wear this to work this week, it was that cute.

However I wish i hadnt have shrunk this sweater its a lil tight sometimes..


Donnie Wahlberg is a presenter at the Grammy’s tonight so I’m waiting to see him. He’s lookin sexy, saw him on the red carpet interviews.






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