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on February 15, 2011

Had another 2 + hour convo with Sean last night till almost 1:30am. Boy was I dragging ass this morning! One part of our convo that really made me happy was, I was bitching about work/customers/general public and he said “i dunno whats wrong with people, anytime I go somewhere I show up prepared stuff in hand of what I need or I find out before hand what’s required and get it together”. I think i fell in love right then and there lOl. for REALS yo. That’s what i say ALL.THE.TIME. Omg someone with common sense, who thinks and does things like i do! He’s perfect in that sense!! lol.

Le sigh. things are getting better daily! haha

just 2 more days and then i have a 4 day weekend.

then another 4 day work week

and then VEGAS BABY!!

then another 4 day work week LOL



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