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Lots to do, but first, sleeping in.

on February 17, 2011

I have a 4 day weekend starting………. an hour and 20 minutes ago w00000t!!

Lots planned, kinda. so far.

  • Tonight: ZUMBA

Have I mentioned, I LOST 8 LBS!!! 8 m-f’ing lbs! woohoo!
My weight fluctuates so much every day morning noon night always different, drives me crazy, but finally its been kinda steady. So I’m taking it for what it is today!

  • Friday: Sleep In
    Have chinese lunch with Jess and possibly Sean if he’s free.
  • Saturday: Sleep In
    Consumer testing up north, it pay $30. Not shabby.
    Then imma stop by Thornton and see Stephy and AJ.
    Maybe take Ellie to the p-a-r-k
    Bingo at night.
  • Sunday: Sleep In
    Get my hair did for Vegas. It’s just about all grown out! Crazy! Haven’t seen this much of my normal hair color in yeeeeeeaaaaaars.
  • Monday: Sleep In
    Pick up some cute bath robe/wraps from other Steph.
    Get a rebase done on my nails for Vegas!

In other news, What a demonic lil kitty here!


2 responses to “Lots to do, but first, sleeping in.

  1. crankypants says:

    Oh, my, that kitten is SCARY! I don’t know how much I’d be laughing, I’d worry about what it was gonna be like when it was full grown. I hope they don’t intend to get any more cats!

    4-day weekend! nice! Great job on the weight loss. you look mahvelous! Zumba is the hottest thing out there I think. I noticed most of the classes offered at the night schools around here were sold out.
    enjoy all your sleep-in days!

    • lol right, id be afraid to sleep at night with that kitten around!!! feral much?!

      I’m thinkin about going to this teachers class again tomorrow morning at 9:30 am since i’m off and all.. it would be beneficial since ill be eating chinese food for lunch LOL

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