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Wow! What a day!

on February 18, 2011

Lets start off with my horoscope, if I’d a read it this morning I wouldn’t have believed it.

Cancer – Friday, Feb 18th, 2011 — There could be a shift in your income status or, perhaps, a break in a partnership which will make you realize how economic pressures affect you. Today’s Full Moon illuminates your 2nd House of Money, so you might only be concerned with the bottom line. Nevertheless, look at everything in a broader context now. Take yourself out of the picture so you can develop more compassion for others who are also experiencing uncertain times. A quick reality check will give you a more balanced perspective.

Got my ass out of bed at 8am so much for sleeping in (as long as I wanted too) and went across town to go to the 9:30 am Zumba class with my fave instructor Felix. Found the club easily seeing as how i’d never been there and just barely glanced at the directions LOL. It was an awesome class. My internet friend Christina says you burn my calories at AM classes I didnt believe her until half way through when i was sweating like a pig. My top was even soaked. I was dyin by the end of the class but as always was fun!

After that I came home and laid down for a few because walking up the stairs, i almost passed out LOL. Plus i had this horrible kink in my neck from sleeping i assume.. so I laid with the heating pad on it. That didnt help though.

I showered and met up with Jess for Chinese lunch. I had a korean noodle bowl. was very yummy.  It’s got like at least 4 servings in it, planned on having some for dinner…….. to be continued.



Once I left there I stopped by ULTA To pick up their new Spring fling makeup set. Super cute. Got it for free w/$17.50 purchase. It’s an $88 value.

Then I stopped by the Sprint store to check out their phones since i’m eligibile for the upgrade in April. I reallllllly like the EVO Shift. It’s smaller than the EVO and comes with a slide out keyboard. I’m REALLY leaning towards that one.

Finally got in to see the Chiropractor around 3:30. By that time I really couldnt turn my head to the right w/o severe pain and towards the left was hurting too. She made lots of cracks and pops and things like that.. i’m still sore but I think another heating pad session and a good sleep will fix it.

When I came out from the drs office… i found this:
That is the container of my lunch, my noodle bowl soup.. broken, chewed, half eaten and spilled all over the back of the car.
I am THIS CLOSE to returning this dog from where i got her. I dont know WHY she is acting out so much lately but I can’t stand it anymore. Of course when I try to punish her, she tries to bite me.


Shoooooooooes!On my way home I stopped by Target and picked up a new curling iron that heats up faster and is more spiffy than the old one I have. Also some new hair clippy’s and these cuuuuute sandals in the right of this picture. ($22) The shoes on the left I picked up at Big 5 for Zumba class.($19) They’re pretty low profile on the bottom so they should be good for dancing. Also some socks to go with them because I had a $5 off coupon, but had to spend $25 first LoL. Of course Twitch had to check them out. They’ll be good for work, Vegas, and Cruise.

Checked my mail when I got home, and to my surprise, I found a letter from the Attorney’s office that had issued my garnishment for Capital One. I though great, what now. Thought this was over now you want more?! Only to find……………..



4 refund checks from them. Totaling $931 !!!!!!


It doesnt say what specifically it’s for, I assume they over charged me for something. They’ve been trying to send it to me since January 3rd apparently. They were sending it to an address from 3 apartments ago. Then they sent it to Josh’s house which then got it forwarded to me here. AH-FRICKEN-MAZING. I got nearly a grand back!!! So my horoscope was right freakin on !!

So I went to the bank and deposited 3 of the checks. I put them all in my savings account though. Then went to the bank the checks were drawn on and cashed the one with the smallest amount.  I know it’ll take a few days for them to clear so I’m not really worried about it. I’m stoked though. That’s going to cover my final cruise payment next month plus some. It couldnt come at a better time!  Right before Vegas! Same day as Payday! It’s just awesome-sauce™

I was talking to my bff Jenny telling her about it, and she said she got offered a job today that pays 10k more! We have the SAME exact birthday, once I heard that I checked our horoscope and sent it to her. Crazy shit like that always happens to us at the same time!

So overall its been a pretty freakin awesome FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to catch up on my DVR tonight and just chill, maybe break in my new shoes (=


4 responses to “Wow! What a day!

  1. Redscylla says:

    She may be the kind of dog you can’t punish. Have you read anything about Clicker training? It’s a good option for unpunishable dogs.

    • we did clicker training when she was a puppy that was mostly for learning to sit and shake and come and fun things like that.

      • Redscylla says:

        Basically you just expand on the basic clicker concepts, step by step training her to Stay for longer periods of time, until you can leave her in the car with the Stay command long enough to run and errand without mishap. Also, you can use it to enforce the Leave It command to preemptively get her to avoid tempting treats.

      • well she always stays in the car no problem, i just left my left over lunch in the front seat. i dont think any amount of clicker training would deter her from that. she does know ‘leave it’ from her puppy training classes,… it works better when i’m trying to get her to calm down when another dog walks by outside rather than to something she shouldnt have.

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