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I should be…

on February 23, 2011

Doing laundry



Instead I’m on here, and watching the new Law & Order SVU.
Just realized I have one more night before I leave, which will be spent… cleaning the bunnies, going to Zumba and finishing everything last minute of course.

Tonight’s Zumba was canceled due to instructor emergency wtf ever that means so I had to work out on my own which sucked because there were 80090098098 people there and everything was occupied so I was there till about 7:15 trying to get my shit done.

The dresses I ordered from Macy’s fit PERFECTLY!! No need to get them tailored. Probably only take the red one to vegas, but i may change my mind and take both LOL

Work has been HELLA BUSY the last 2 days and its not even the end of the month yet, its effing ridiculous. Had my regular meeting with manager about my complaints etc. Some guy actually complained because I didnt show remorse or sympathy that his grandfather had died, and he was taking over the car. Uhhh didnt know I was supposed to care about customers personal lives… just title and register their cars. Was I supposed say , Oh , my grandpa died 3 years ago, now we’re in the same boat! wanna talk about it? Guess what, I have his car too! But i got it before he passed so ..
I may finally be getting to move my desk since the new guy will be coming out next week.

Anyways… its almost vacation time, its almost vacation time… just have to keep telling myself that.

I had to call ticketmaster today because I couldn’t print off my tix for the concert saturday night finally when I got to someone she said “OH, this venue doesnt accept printable tix” so why was that given to me as an option when I purchased them!? So she refunded me $2.50 and will have them at will call for me 90 mins before the show. I guess that’s good enough!

Sean and I have talked since Saturday but not about “the incident” LoL.. he called me the other night cuz on his way home from work, his van caught on fire from the wheel well so he was waiting for a tow truck loL. We’ll see if he calls again tonight.

Ok I should get off my ass and go do something semi-productive so I’m not up hella late tomorrow doing it all last minute.


2 responses to “I should be…

  1. leendadll says:

    Seriously, what is the deal with so many people filing complaints there? Is it standard practice… does someone stand at the door and refuse to let people out till they complain about something?!?

    Have a great time in Vegas!

    • they have nothing better to do with their time. they think we’re there to be their servants, yes we are public EMPLOYEES not your SERVANT, go hire a butler if thats what you expect!!!

      they just dont get what they want, and i have the power to say NO, they dont like that.

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