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wtf Wp?

on March 4, 2011

So i made this post yesterday 2 days ago and it seemed to have disappeared, i know i made it, cuz i copy and pasted it to LJ..

Guess who’s sick again?

Really though??? twice in a month’s time span?! you’re killing me!

It has to be from the airport(s) i assume. I woke up this morning to a red swollen painful throat, headache from hell and an obvious fever. So I stayed home and was smart and kept my germs to myself.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow dont wanna use all my sick time. I slept until 1pm today and then laid on the couch.   Very exciting.

The grumblings from my stomach are scaring me, but i’ve officially evacuated any food that was left over from Vegas LOL.

Tomorrow’s payday, yay. Rent and what not is due.. i think ive narrowed down my miami hotels to 2 or 3.. most of them require upfront payment so maybe ill get that done this week.

I bought 2 movie tix from fandango today on living social for $9. great deal!

Think i’ll try to go lay down now and see if i can fall asleep soon *crosses fingers*


So yes, i’m sick this is day 3 that i’ve stayed home because I feel like utter death. I called my dr’s office, they said dont bother coming in, sounds like the virus thats going around… they always say that. But its nice to not have to waste the $30 on a co-pay I guess. But I did have to go to the office and pick up a dr’s note to take to work. So after that i went and bought some mucinex, rolos, and chicken nuggets. Really hard to tell if i’m feeling any better yet though.


2 responses to “wtf Wp?

  1. leendadll says:

    sorry you’re sick again. i hope it passes quickly.

    when are you going to miami? is that for your cruise?

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