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I’m Alive!!

on March 5, 2011

Day 4 of sickness, i’m starting to feel better!

I slept all night too! I left my humidifier on for a few hours last night and used the neti pot before bed i think it all helped. The mucinex is breaking shit up and i’ve been coughing it out, its hot i tell ya! Lol

Decided to get up and go out in to the world and spread my germs so I headed to Macy’s to pick up some new foundation, and then to Old Navy since they sent out a $5 off $25 coupon. I got these 2 cute embellished tanks:

Old Navy Embellished Tank Tops

and also some new work out clothes:

Old Navy Workout Clothes





I also got a grey sweater with a hood, but its too hard to photograph, but its cute trust me LOL.

Stopped by Midas to get an oil change….

Are you sure?


But contrary to what their sign says…….. there was a 2 hour wait.




So i went down the street to Jiffy Lube instead. Even though they’re more expensive, they had absolutely NO wait whatsoever.

Ellie Supervised the Oil Change


Ellie Supervised the Oil Change

She behaved herself very well while we waited and even let other patrons pet her.. i think at first she may have thought we were at the Vets cuz she was a lil skiddish LOL.


I’m hoping i’ll make it through the day and be able to attend Bingo tonight at TGIFridays i feel like i havent been there in forever! LOL

Oh yeah I stopped by Jamba Juice too and had trouble making a decision and i told the guy “whatever will make my throat feel better” so he suggested this:

Jamba's Cold Buster

With tons of vitamin C. Even though i couldn’t taste every part of it, it was good.

However now I’m craving chick-fil-a for some reason, weird cuz i never go there, but i might just head back out.. even though I have plenty of food here.. it just sounds so good.



2 responses to “I’m Alive!!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    I hope by now you are feeling much much better. Cute tank tops! Love the pic of Ellie watching the oil change, too cute!

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