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ToT 3/8/11

on March 8, 2011

Things on Tuesday

Lets start with good things!

  • I’m feeling a lot better!
  • Bank account is POSITIVE
  • Moved my desk at work, its #7 now, my fave number, I’m liking it so far, and its actually a lil bit bigger somehow.
  • Finally booked my post-cruise hotel in Miami! So cute! Quaint! Has good reviews! Good price too! Saved extra 10% by booking through their website rather than through anywhere else.
  • Made some meat and fried potatoes tonight with onions, bell pepper and jalapeno. Yummmmmay.
  • My sense of taste and smell have returned, hopefully permanently.
  • 24 days until I can upgrade my phone! EVO Shift here i come!
  • Bought a bunch of groceries yesterday now my fridge and cabinets are full!
  • I bought a new tooth brush, i like manual ones better than electric ones i’ve decided.
  • My pants are all very loose
  • I want to try and attend Zumba tomorrow night if I can breathe.

Kinda Poopy Things

  • The cold is not totally gone, but has since settled in to my ears, please oh please no ear infection. I just want my head to drain. drain drain drain!!
  • Along with being sick, it’s also Shark Week (™ CrankyPants) if things couldnt get any worse right LoL
  • I have not been with Sean in over a month at least. I mean i saw him Saturday at Bingo but that was it. This is not gonna work if I dont get sex and attention HELLO!!!
  • While pulling up my pants yesterday a million times, i broke a belt loop, and the bottom hem has come out (a long time ago), it’s time to throw them out i think. not really trying to buy new pants till i lose more weight but i may have to invest in at least 1 black pair of work pants.

alright i’ve gotten distracted time to wrap this up!


2 responses to “ToT 3/8/11

  1. crankypants says:

    Glad you are feeling better!
    I wish I could take credit for Shark Week, but like everything else clever, I found it on the internets!
    Yay for loose pants but boo for having to replace them…I’m the other way, if I lose a few pounds I’ll have more pants to wear, if I gain any I am gonna hafta go shopping…but I’m hoping spin class will help me out.
    Full fridge and cabinets is a good feeling. I have a full gas tank which is almost as good!

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