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Sunday is for Cleaning

on March 13, 2011

I’m going to try to make this quick since I should be off the couch cleaning the house.

We did NOT go to bingo this week *gasp* i know right.
Since someone won the cash last week, there really was no point, not sure if we’re actually going to continue going. The bingo caller quit (walked out one night we heard) and the clientele showing up is just getting more and more ghetto. We’ll see how we feel next weekend.

Instead, I went out to dinner with WTR to Sushi. It was yummy and I had Saki for the first time, we had 4 different flavors, Fuji Apple, Pear, Plum, and Raspberry. We both agreed that Plum was the best.

After that we went back his apartment, it was still pretty early probably 830 or so, did our thing and we both fell asleep! hahaha he woke me up early it felt, it was still dark out, not surprising with the time change, but when I finally got out of bed and found my phone I saw that it was only 5:45!!! meaning it was “really” 4:45! wtf?! I tried to fall back asleep there but it just wasnt happening, so I left and it had snowed right before! of course! gah! but it was wet thick fluffy snow, that basically melted when it hit the pavement so it wasnt a big deal. I got home around 6:30 checked all my social sites and then went back to sleep.

I was playing some of Donnie Wahlbergs “back rub” radio shows and fell asleep to those, and had good Donnie dreams! One was I was at my grandmas house with ellie and 3 other dogs, one being a bull mastiff (i dont know anyone who has one) and they all got out of her fence and were running around the neighborhood, i got all of them back, and then Ellie did it again! Somehow she ended up in San Diego (my grandma lives in Nevada) and some bicyclists found her and got her micro chip scanned, they couldnt get a hold of me, so the 2nd emergency contact was Donnie Wahlberg and he was in the area so he went and picked her up and then I got a hold of him once I found out he had her and we met up and I got her back. hahahah crazy right?!

There was another dream w/donnie in it but I dont remember it now. i’m sure it was sexual in some nature hahahahaa.
i remember it now, I was at my high school trying to find certain rooms I was supposed to be in, and when I found it the class was for defensive driving class!? I finally went out side and thats where I found Donnie he’d shown up in a limo to deliver Ellie to me and everyone was freaking out cuz they wanted to know who was in the Limo but i wouldnt tell them, and he’d parked it farther away and was already out of the limo talking to me they just didnt recognize him with his hat and sunglasses on LOL.

Ellie is obviously not affected by the time change whatsoever she was up bounding around barking poking at my bed chasing the cats being over all annoying this morning so i finally got up around 11. Since then i’ve been laying on the couch, watched last nights SNL, Zack Galifinakis was hilarious esp his opening w/the Annie dress and pink panties with white ruffled socks. Look it up if you missed it!

I just ran to Starbucks and got a Venti Caramel Frap no whip to get me jump started on cleaning. Even though its now 3pm lol.. They also had some news papers left so I picked one up there so I didnt have to make another stop!

Oh yeah, guess what.  It’s 59 days until THE CRUISE!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!

Alright I’ve gotta go get laundry started, huge pile on my bedroom floor, clean some litter boxes and bunny cages, and straighten up my living room it’s a disaster. Hopefully I can make a dent in all these things. Yesterday I amazingly cleaned the bathroom so that’s outta the way!


2 responses to “Sunday is for Cleaning

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Love the Donnie dreams.
    I dream about being back in high school quite frequently. I’m always late for class or stressing over remembering the combination to my locker or trying to remember how to get to class. I don’t particularly like dreaming about high school—I know I would not go back and relive it if that were an option.
    My Spring cleaning has felt a lot like running on a treadmill—-moving quite swiftly but not actually getting anywhere for all of that effort.
    Laundry. ugh. It never-freaking-ends.

    Hope you had a great Sunday!

    • ive had the locker combination one a few times before, I should look that up. . .
      if i could go back and do hs knowing what i know now, i’d be down LOL

      it just drives me crazy that clothes take forever to dry, while i’m waiting around with a load in the washer thats already done!

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