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WTF Tuesday

on March 15, 2011

Had the wackiest customer interaction today.

This guy wanted a temporary permit, but had written down a Texas address, but said he lived in denver now, but really texas… wtf?!

So after 15 mins of arguing about where he REALLY lived vs where he CURRENTLY Lives we got it straightened out.. somehow..kinda

I’m wrapping everything up and the following happens:

C: You know, you really ruined my day, it was going really great up until now.
Me: Well I’m sorry to hear that you’re so sensitive that my words affected you that much to ruin your day, i dunno what to tell you about that.
C: Well I guess you just have that affect on people.
Me: I guess so, it’s my special gift!!
C: Well if you weren’t married i’d actually ask you out for drinks later..
Me: :: continuing along, gathering papers:: wait… what?? o.O
1st of all i’m not married, and 2nd of all i’ll probably never be married… so there’s that.
I hand the guy his paperwork and say have a nice day sir!

Only after  he leaves  do I realize what just happened LOL apparently that’s his way of flirting, to argue with someone and piss them off, then ask them out?! I’m not married we all know that, however I do wear a ring on my left hand… i guess i should change that. My friend Preston said, jewelry’s jewelry, guys dont know the difference btwn something pretty and a wedding ring.

My co-worker said “he must like feisty women!” .

The other WTF was prior to this… I got a text from an unknown #… of course, i just deleted a bunch yesterday.

#: hi
me: hi???
#: I just saw you
me: umm okay? who is this? and where did you see me?
#: this is Adam from POF, and at your work.
me: ummmm okay….stalker much lol. . . ???
#: i was at window #6 and i saw you at #7
me: oh, okay well why didnt you say something?
#: you were busy
me: i’m always busy.
#: i was in the wrong county anyways
me: oh okay then, well i have to go back to work, ttyl.

he’s some dude i’ve never met only talked to online and via text. so i really cant remember quite what he looked like lol oh well.


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